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The National Retriever Club of Canada has member clubs across Canada. It is through these clubs that a National Retriever Championship and a National Amateur Retriever Championship is hosted each year. These events are held under the Canadian Kennel Club Field Trial Rules and Regulations. Throughout the year, member clubs host their own Licensed Field Trials and/or Hunt Test Stakes.

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Survey to Examine National Events in Canada

Recommendations by the NRCC Board of Directors on the Future of National Events

The NRCC Task Force on the future of Nationals in Canada, completed their review of the survey results and presented their recommendations to the Board of Directors at their April 27 meeting where they were approved. Below is a summary of the recommendations and the direction the NRCC plans to take in the coming year.

1. Responses to the survey did not indicate a clear consensus on the questions of whether to hold a combined National event or continue to hold both a National and a National Amateur. As a result, the recommendation is that if 2 Host clubs are not found before the Annual Meeting in Mid September, the board will contract with a single host club to host a Combined National Event the following year. This event will be considered a onetime occurrence and the NRCC will continue to hold two separate events if and when possible. Clubs considering and or applying to host a National Event need to be pre-warned that this outcome is a possibility.

2. The Board recommends that the NRCC not become the host club. This is the responsibility of the Member Clubs and as such they must find a host for the events. This does not preclude members of the Board of Directors from stepping in to assist in the hosting of a national.

3. The Survey results showed that 65% are in favour of changing the number of zones. An Implementation Plan is currently under development to determine the optimal number of zones and the impact this will have on Nationals.

4. Changes to zones will also require a change in how judges are selected.

5. The survey indicates that a large majority feel that, due to rising costs in hosting a National Event, the host club should be able to dispense with traditional items during the event to cut expenses if necessary. The Board of Directors endorses this decision.

6. Response to the survey favoured the NRCC charging member clubs $5.00 for each dog competing in every All Aged Stake held. Effective 2018 the money collected will go directly to the Host Club(s) for the following year.

7. Qualification standards for dogs to Qualify to run a National Event are under review to allow for implementation of a combined event. Once determined, the NRCC will proceed with the necessary rule changes through the CKC Retriever Council.

8. Survey results indicate that the National Open Event should be held in or around September. The National Amateur Event did not have a definite result so dates for this event should remain unchanged. In the event that a combined National is held, the results favour using the current National Open dates in September.


Key Dates

  • January 1 - Club confirmation of Field Trial and Hunt Test dates
  • March 31 membership renewal due
  • 2017 National Amateur will be held in Deroche/Mission, BC from July 17-22.
  • September 10, 2017 Annual General Meeting in Brighton, ON
  • 2017 National will be held in Brighton, ON from September 11-16.