National Retriever Club of Canada

The National Retriever Club of Canada (NRCC) website is your source for Canadian Retriever Field Trial and Hunt Test information. Visit often for the most up-to-date Field Trial and Hunt Test Schedules, Results, and Activities that could impact you.

The National Retriever Club of Canada has member clubs across Canada. It is through these clubs that a National Retriever Championship and a National Amateur Retriever Championship is hosted each year. These events are held under the Canadian Kennel Club Field Trial Rules and Regulations. Throughout the year, member clubs host their own Licensed Field Trials and/or Hunt Test Stakes.

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If you have a new Field Trial Champion, lost a loved one, or have something you want to share with the retriever community, send your requests to:   

More sad news in the retriever world

  • NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer Sledge (3/17/2005 to 1/4/2018) He took us places few people get to go, and with profound honesty and grace. He was a joy to train, to run, and to have as the perfect farm dog in retirement. Beautiful boy, go with God...Connie and Bill Swanson
  • AFTCH FLATLAND'S BLUEJEAN O'KEEFE October 17, 2007 - January 5, 2018 My best buddy for the last ten years his gone. You will be greatly missed O'Keefe. BACK! BACK! BACK! ...John Richardson

Key Dates

  • January 1 - Club confirmation of Field Trial and Hunt Test dates
  • March 31 membership renewal due
  • 2018 National Amateur will be held in North Bay, ON from July 8-14.
  • 2018 National will be held in Red Deer AB from September 10-15.