Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Saturday, September 12, 2009

1. Call to order. President Jim Ling welcomed all present at the AGM and thanked them for attending.

Roll Call:

Executive Position
Clubs Represented
Jim Ling
Bill Kennedy
Director, Southern Ontario
Eastern Ontario Retriever Club
Charles Dygos
Director, Northern Ontario
North Bay & District Retriever Training Club
Gerry Burmaster
Director, Northern Ontario
Algoma Retriever Association, Sudbury and District Kennel Club
Allan Fraser
Director, Maritimes
Moncton Retriever Club
Bruce Macdonald
Director, Alberta
Wild Rose Retriever Club, Red Deer Retriever Club, Brandon Retriever Club, Portage La Prairie Retriever Club
Ray Smith
Norther Ontario Retriever Association
Dennis Voigt
Pine Ridge Retriever Club
Dan Yeomans
Sunpoke Retriever Club, PEI Retriever Club
Larry Baker
Delta Marsh Retriever Cub, Manitoba Gun Dog Association, Winnipeg Field Trial Club
Wes Place
Vancouver Island Retriever Club, Upper Island Retriever Club, BC Amateur Field Trial Club, Okanagan Retriever Club
Orly Hamilton
South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club, Long Point Retriever Training Club
Marg Murray
Labrador Owners Club, Stampede City Retriever Club, Alberta Retriever Clubs Association
Donald Martin
Ottawa Retriever Club
Ron Craig
Don Wilson
Gerry Pozzebon
Field Trial Marshal

2. Receive Reports from Trial Chairpersons:

a) 2009 National Retriever Championship Stake. Gerry Pozzebon, Field Trial Marshal gave the report on behalf of the Pine Ridge Retriever Club, host of the 2009 National. Gerry stated that all is in great shape, judges are getting along famously, and tests are all set, provisional tests are ready as well. Land is very good, necessary fields cut, natural fields in good shape. What water they have is great but limited amount. The worker crew is fabulous, set up crews and dogs are great. The set up has gone very well. Social functions are all in place. The club is hosting the opening banquet, a lasagne dinner, fish fry and workers party. Everything is ready to go at 7:30 Monday morning; caravan will leave headquarters at 6:45am as the first test site is away from the headquarters. Gerry has received the judge's instructions and will be giving them at the banquet tonight. The first test is a combined land triple and land blind, which will be considered tests one and two.

Don Wilson, Pine Ridge Retriever Club President added a few more comments. Don stated that from the club perspective everything is going very smoothly. Test dogs are still being sorted out, but he believes that Jim Green will be running test dog male and Gerry Burmaster will be running test dog female. Jim Ling thanked both Gerry and Don for their reports.

b) 2010 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake - Charles Dygos spoke on behalf of the North Bay and District Retriever Training Club, who will be hosting the 2010 National Amateur from July 12th to 18th, near North Bay, Ontario. Charles said that most things are in place already. The club is working well together and they have many volunteers who have offered help. The club has acquired the use of some new land and hopefully will have some new water sites as well. The current water is a beaver flood and there is the possibility of some new ponds being dug by the time of the national. The fields will be cut and ready to use no matter what the weather. Jim Ling thanked Charles for his report.

c) 2010 National Retriever Championship Stake - Report presented by Marg Murray on behalf of the BC Amateur Retriever Club. Graham Tyler is chairman for this national. He has Jan Graham as Field Trial Secretary, Rod Spence as Field Trial Marshal and Peter Brunold as treasurer, as well as many other capable volunteers. Lots of interest in bringing a national back to BC. They are proposing to host this national near Merritt, BC, which is located right along the main highway between Vancouver and Kamloops. Merritt is 3 hours from Vancouver and 1 hour from Kamloops. Both are serviced by the major airlines and rental car agencies. Merritt is approximately 40 minutes from Logan Lake, where three previous nationals have been held. Merritt has extensive accommodations and facilities for meetings, restaurants, and a full facility campground. Merritt is the home of the Merritt Country Music Festival, which sees approximately 100,000 visitors in the two-week period of the festival. All of the land is mountain meadows and is mostly crown land and the water sites are all Ducks Unlimited ponds.

Motion by Charles Dygos to accept BC Amateur Field Trial Club as the host of the 2010 National from September 20th to 25th. Seconded by Gerry Burmaster. Motion carried.

3. Approval of minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting from Fredericton, New Brunswick

Motion By Dennis Voigt to accept the minutes from the AGM held in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Bill Kennedy seconded. Motion carried.

Business arising from the minutes - there were none.

4. Correspondence: Marg brought up the current insurance policy has increased by $350 to $795. Marg had approached Charlie Perkins, at the National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake, in Regina. Charlie is in the insurance business and Marg gave him the current policy and asked if his company could give us a better rate. Charlie's company will insure the NRCC with the same type of policy and coverage for $375. The directors had voted at the director meeting to go with the new insurance quote and cancel the existing policy. All were in favour of this switching of insurance companies. Marg to look after this change.

5. Report from the director meeting. Jim Ling discussed some of the points covered at the director meeting. Jim noted that here have been no increases in costs to the clubs for the past thirteen years. Dennis and Ron Modesto have done an incredible amount of work in ascertaining the current national sponsorship. The NRCC has shown a loss in income for the past three years and this meeting needs to address how the NRCC is to continue to survive these losses. The raising of entry fees was one suggestion, but most felt that was not a good idea, as it hits the individual competitor directly in the pocketbook. Other suggestions were discussed. Jim asked if these suggestions could be tabled until further into the meeting as he would like to present a recommendation from the director meeting, when the discussion will be on setting the entry fees, club dues and running dog fee. All agreed to this and the meeting moved on.

6. Review and approve financial statements and approve the auditor. Marg presented the financial statements. She noted that the NRCC had seen a huge increase in insurance costs, loss of clubs hosting trials, loss of interest revenue due to the downturn in the markets. It was suggested as a way of cutting costs that the trial card not be printed, as most people get their up to date information from the NRCC website. It was also suggested that we not order any more pins, that we use up the old style pins that we still have in the inventory, and that we look at increasing some fees.

Motion: Ray Smith moved we accept the financial records of the NRCC as presented. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

Appoint Auditor : Motion by Ray Smith that we appoint Al Petkau as the auditor. Seconded by Charles Dygos, motion carried.

7. Review the plans and organization of the 2009 National and appoint the field trial committee.

Field Trial Committee is to be comprised of three members who are going to be in attendance all week and who do not have dogs running in the national.

Chairman of the committee will be:

Gerry Pozzebon, Field Trial Marshal

Jim Green, Field Trial Chairman

Gerry Burmaster, Eastern Zone

Bill Kennedy, Central Zone

Lorene Wilson, Western Zone

8. Call for motions to set the 2010 fees

a) Club Dues - currently at $55. Directors recommend an increase to $75.

Motion by Ray Smith to raise the club dues to $75. per year, seconded by Donald Martin. Motion carried.

b) Running dog fees - currently at $65. per dog. Directors recommend that the NRCC return to the old system of the 60/40 split with the host clubs. Before the national sponsorship, the running dog fee was decreased to enable clubs to make a profit from hosting a national. This would increase the fees to $100 per dog, leaving the club with $150 per dog. This change was cited that due to the current sponsorship, host clubs are receiving approximately $60,000 in cash, product, handler handouts, bibs, jackets, hats, silent auction items, etc. Clubs are now making extremely good profits. There was much discussion on this topic. It was pointed out by Larry Baker that these increases may hit the club's pockets, but the current national sponsorship has in effect replaced this cost.

Motion by Ray Smith to accept the running dog fee increase from the current $65 to $100. Seconded by Donald Martin. Motion carried.

c) Entry Fees - currently at $250 per dog per national. It was discussed to leave the entry fee as it is.

Motion by Ray Smith to leave the entry fees at the current $250 per dog per national. Seconded by Donald Martin, Motion carried

9. a) Approve the judges for the 2010 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake;

Southern Ontario Zone, Gerry Pozzebon

Central Zone, Dawne McKenzie

Western Zone, Barry Grundy

b) Approve the judges for the 2010 National Retriever Championship Stake

Eastern Zone, Tom Hawley

Southern Ontario Zone, Richard Dresser

Central Zone, John McBride

10. Recognize the retiring Directors:

British Columbia, Mickey Rawlins

Alberta, Ron Bischke

Saskatchewan, Garry Taylor

Manitoba, Pat Fitzpatrick

Manitoba, Al Petkau

Southern Ontario, Jim Ling

Northern Ontario, Art Roy

Maritimes, Allan Fraser

11. Review and consider any other matters of importance to the corporation:

a) Online's Contract - currently at $1300 per annum, reviewed annually

Motion by Bill Kennedy that we continue with Online's contract as it currently is. Seconded by Larry Baker. Motion carried

Dennis spoke on what Online does, publishes both nationals, club results & statistics. Dennis stated that the $1300 only covers about 1/3rd of their actual publishing costs for these nationals and stats.

b) Don Gillingham's contract as statistician - currently at $2000 per annum. Don compiles all the qualifiers lists, high point dogs in Canada and the stats

Motion by Gerry Burmaster that we continue with Don Gillingham's contract as it currently is. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

c) Secretary-Treasurer honorarium - currently at $2500 per annum

Motion by Allan Fraser to continue with the current honorarium as it is. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

d) Election of officers: A slate of officers was proposed at the director's meeting consisting of:

President, Gord Benn, Alberta

1st Vice President, Bev Fowler, Maritimes

2nd Vice president, Fred Benjaminson, Manitoba

Secretary-Treasurer, Marg Murray, Alberta

Nominations ceased.

Motion by Larry Baker that we accept this slate of officers as presented. Seconded by Dan Yeomans. Motion carried.

Discussion led by Gerry Burmaster that the president term be extended to at least a three year term, this would allow for more continuity and allow the person to really get a feel for the position. Bill Kennedy responded that it might serve more purpose to have one of the vice presidents to be a three year term. Dennis responded that the vice presidents already serve a three year term.

New Directors:

British Columbia, Vacant

Alberta, Ron Bischke

Saskatchewan, Garry Taylor

Manitoba, Pat Fitzpatrick - 3 Year

Manitoba, Chuck Lapensee- 1 Year

Southern Ontario, Jim Ling

Northern Ontario, Ray Smith

Maritimes, Dan Yeomans

e) National Corporate Sponsor Liaison - Dennis Voigt addresses this as he has undertaken this position and the responsibilities of it. Dennis stated that the NRCC has lost some of the original corporate sponsors, Eukanuba is gone and so is Winchester Canada. Purina has come back hugely and is now the Major sponsor. Tritronics has renewed their original contract and has added 20 shirts as well as their usual e collar and the bibs, and items for the silent auction. Dennis has added Dogs Afield for the poppers and Entry Express (owned by Dogs Afield) would like to take over accepting the entries and generating the official program. In order for this to happen the host club would still need to provide the advertisements and do so in a timely fashion. Dennis is in the process of inking a contract with Ducks Unlimited for finalist's gifts; winner's gift and DU would also sponsor a painting of the winner by Connie Swanson for next year's national winner. He is also talking to West Jet about a 50% seat sale for judge's travel, but it is not finalized yet. He is also talking to Motorola about radios. Dennis has enlisted two western financiers, Jim Couch and Jim Harvie to help garner more sponsorship. Dennis stated that the value of all the sponsorship to date is over $60,000 per annum, in cash, product, handler handouts, worker handouts, hats, jackets, bibs, silent auction items, etc. Jim thanked Dennis for all his and Ron Modesto's hard work to date.

f) Jim Ling expressed thanks on behalf of the NRCC to Tom Murray for his expertise and years of dedication for creating, developing and maintaining the website of his own accord. Jim noted that Tom has never been paid for this work it was all done on a volunteer basis. We owe Tom a great deal of appreciation for his years of service to and on behalf of the NRCC. Thank you Tom.

12. New business:

a) Communications Officer - Jim Ling stated that the executive has made a recommendation to appoint a communications officer to the NRCC. This person would be responsible for the internet reporting for both nationals, improve communications amongst all clubs, be responsible for the NRCC website, would need to refine and sell the NRCC and nationals to individuals and sponsors. The position needs someone who has website experience, to take over and update the NRCC website and to maintain the website. Would need to develop a standardized process for the Internet reporting at nationals. The costs of this person would be covered by the NRCC, but no honorarium at this point. The Executive would like to appoint Dona Martin for this position, for a two-year term. The position still needs to be refined, which the current executive would provide the process to refine.

There was a lot of discussion on this position.

Motion by Bill Kennedy that the NRCC accept this appointment to create a communications officer position. Seconded by Gerry Burmaster. Motion carried.

Motion by Bill Kennedy that we set a three-year term for this position. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

Motion by Dennis Voigt that the executive determine the job requirements for the communication officer position and that an honorarium be set. Seconded by Dan Yeomans. Motion carried.

b) Finalists being automatically qualified for the next year's national. Marg read the motion from the director meeting. Jim spoke that this gives recognition to the finalists, but doesn't lessen the integrity of being a finalist.

Motion by Charles Dygos that any national finalist is automatically qualified for the next year's national. Seconded by Gerry Burmaster. Motion carried.

c) Two-year qualification period for the National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake. Jim addressed that this was a recommendation from the directors meeting. Discussion on this item.

Motion by Ray Smith that we continue with the two year qualification period for the National Amateur, this would be retroactive to the two year's preceding the North Bay National Amateur closing date. Gerry Burmaster seconded, Motion carried.

d) Amateurs running multiple dogs from pro are trucks. Dennis Voigt suggests that here be a rule change made to prevent this from happening. Dennis sees this as a real problem to the amateur game. There was a lot of discussion on this. It is not a factor out on the prairies, as there aren't the professionals on the circuit. It was suggested that there is already in place an Owner/Amateur stake that would eliminate this practice from happening.

e) Dennis submitted a proposal that no handler may enter more than 2 dogs in an amateur stake that are not owned by the amateur. The same handler may not run the same two dogs that are not owned by the amateur handler, more than 2 times a year in an amateur stake.

Motion by Bill Kennedy that this proposal be submitted to the Retriever Council for an amendment to the CKC rulebook governing Retriever Trials. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

f) Recommendation by Ray Smith that the TSX be used as the starting number in all age stakes. This is also to be sent to the Retriever Council

g) Dry Pops - Marg Murray recommended that the dry pops be taken out of the CKC rule book governing Retriever Trials, as well as moving retiring gunners more than a couple of yards. These also to be taken to the Retriever Council.

Motion by Bill Kennedy to take these last recommendations by Ray Smith and Marg Murray to the Retriever Council. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

h) Charles Dygos moved that the AGM be adjourned at 3:20 pm

Seconded by Bill Kennedy. Motion carried.

Minutes recorded by Marg Murray