Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Saturday, September 18, 2010

President Gord Benn welcomed all present at the AGM and thanked them for attending.

Roll Call:

Gord Benn
President of the NRCC
Charles Dygos
Director Northern Ontario, North Bay & District RTC, Long Point, LRCCO
Ray Smith
Director Northern Ontario, Algoma,
Bruce Macdonald
Director Alberta, WRRC
Graham Tyler
Director BC, Chairman 2010 National
Kevin Cheff
Jim Swanson
Director BC, Proxy for Prince George
Ian Montgomery
Debby Montgomery VIRC
Diana Beatty
Upper Island,
Anne Everett
BC Lab
Marg Murray
Dona Martin
Ottawa Retriever Club
John Maiers
Jane Spearing
BC Amateur
Marlene Benn
Don Pollock
Martha Kress
Reg Williams
BC Gun
Rick Regamble
Glenn Norton
Wild Rose
Laurlee Camilleri


Receive Reports from Trial Chairpersons:

1. 2010 National Retriever Championship Stake. Graham Tyler, Field Trial Chairman gave the report on behalf of the BC Amateur Field Trial Club, host of the 2010 National. Graham stated that all is in great shape, judges are getting along famously, and tests are all set, provisional tests are ready as well. Land is adequate, natural fields in good shape. The water they have is fabulous , all natural ponds. The worker crew is industrious, set up crew and dogs are getting the answers for the judges. The set up has gone very well. Social functions are all in place. The club is hosting the opening banquet, a West Coast dinner of fish (provided by Jim Swanson and Bob Handysides of Hoiss Point Fishing Lodge) and workers party. Everything is ready to go at 7:30 Monday morning; caravan will leave headquarters at 6:45am, the first test site is inside the town limits, special permission had to be arranged with the town for the use of firearms .The people of Merritt have been absolutely fabulous to work with, especially Elaine Gill, and the mayor and council. They have offered lots of help, lots of donations and and publicity galore. Elaine has been instrumental in getting a local car dealership in donating the use of a 2010 Yukon for the judges to use and the dealership had signs made up and placed in the back windows for the "2010 National Retriever Championship Stake". Graham stated he couldn't say enough great things about the people of Merritt. Pretrial maps have now been copied and are available at headquarters. Rod Spence, chief Marshal has received the judge’s instructions and will be giving them at the banquet tonight. The first test is a combined land triple and land blind, which will be considered tests one and two. Gord thanked Graham for his presentation.

2. 2011 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake – Marg spoke on behalf of the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club, who presented a proposal to host the 2011 National Amateur from July 18th to 23rd, near Hamilton, Ontario. Field Trial Chairman will be Bruce Kelly, FT Secretary will be Jill Richardson, FT Marshal will be Gerry Pozzebon, Gun Captains will be Barry Nelson and Jill Chalmers, Grounds will be Chris Bayles and Bruce Kelly.Charles Dygos said the club has acquired the use of some new land and have some new water sites as well as the usual grounds they use for their weekend trials.

Motion by Reg Williams that we accept the proposal by Mountain Valley to host the 2011 National Amateur from July 18th to 23rd. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

3. 2011 National Retriever Championship Stake – Proposal presented by Marg Murray on behalf of the Manitoba Gun Dog Association, to host this national from September 19th to 24th. Larry Baker will be chairman for this national. Field Trial Secretary will be Fred Benjaminson, FT Marshal will be Gord Mackenzie, Treasurer will be Ross Peden, Gun Captains will be Kevin Howarth and Gail Komadaski, Fund raising will be Charlie Perkins, equipment will be Charlie Ross Hospitality will be Colin McMichael and Grounds will be Larry Cleven, as well as many other capable volunteers. The MGDA has presented a very well organized, experienced and capable group of core workers. This club has hosted many successfull nationals and national amateurs

Motion by Reg Williams to accept MGDA as the host of the 2011 National from September 19th to 24th. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

4. 2012 National Retriever Championship Stake. Ray Smith and Kevin Cheff presented a proposal by Algoma Retriever Club and Northern Ontario Retriever Association. These two clubs are proposing a joint venture to act as host for this national. They are asking well in advance so they may have lots of time to prepare. FT Chariman will be Tom Dalton, FT Secretary will be Linda Shlemkevich, FT Marshal will be Howard Simpson, Treasurer will be Mike Marinovich, Gun Captain will be Gerry Burmaster, Grounds will be Kevin Cheff and Ray Smith. They are proposing that the grounds being used will be in the Iron Bridge area and they also have the availability of using the Algoma grounds encompassing 1000 acres of farmland, man made water and beaver ponds, as pre-trial training. Kevin and Ray were thinking of a Sunday start (they have since informed Marg that it will be a Monday start, September 17th to 22nd, 2012.)

Motion by Reg Williams that we accept the proposal presented by Algoma / Northern Ontario Retriever Association to host the 2012 National Retriever Championship Stake in the Iron Bridge area of Ontario. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

Approval of minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting from Brighton, Ontario.

Motion By Glenn Norton to accept the minutes from the AGM held in Brighton, Ontario. Charles Dygos seconded. Motion carried.

Business arising from the minutes – there were none.

Correspondence: There was none.

Report from the director meeting

Gord Benn discussed some of the points covered at the director meeting. Gord gave a summarization of the directors recommendations which will be presented later during this meeting. Gord also noted one major change willbe the NRCC contract with Retrievers Online. Dennis has stated that Retrievers Online can no longer afford to publish all the trial results, hunt test results, statistics, high point dogs, and the two national reports each year. Costs of printing all of this has gotten to be too much, so Dennis has submitted a new proposal for Retrievers Online. Retrievers Online will contract to the NRCC to only publish the two national write-ups, including photos, and front cover to a maximum of 12 pages for $250 per national write-up as long as Retrievers Online continues to produce a printed product. This will be covered under discussion and for a motion later on in this meeting.

Review and approve financial statements and approve the auditor.

Marg presented the financial statements. She noted that the NRCC has found a new insurance agent and has cut the insurance costs by almost half. Marg noted that our interest rates were down from previous due to a recall on a GIC, which left a lot of cash sitting in our account. This cash has since be re-invested by our financial company and is making a good rate of return on the investments. This interest instead of being paid out is being re-invested in dividends. Marg also explained that the US Funds was due to RFTN demanding a payment of $500. for their internet coverage during the 2009 national hosted by Pine Ridge. This expense was to be shared by Pine Ridge, but she is still waiting the payment, but understands it is on its way. Marg presented the budget forcast that Bev Fowler had put together.

Motion: Charles Dygos moved we accept the financial records of the NRCC as presented. Seconded by Jim Swanson. Motion carried.

Appoint Auditor

Motion by Ray Smith that we appoint Al Petkau as the auditor. Seconded by Charles Dygos, motion carried.

Review the plans and organization of the 2010 National and appoint the field trial committee.

Field Trial Committee is to be comprised of three members who are going to be in attendance all week and who do not have dogs running in the national.

Chairman of the committee will be Rod Spence, FT Marshal

Graham Tyler, FT Chairman

John Hatfield, Eastern Zone

Diana Beatty, Central Zone

Dona Martin, S Ontario Zone

Call for motions to set the 2011 fees

1. Club Dues – currently at $75, Directors recommend we leave as they are currently.

2. Running dog fees – currently at $100. per dog. Directors recommend that the NRCC stay with the old system of the 60/40 split with the host clubs. .

3. Entry Fees – currently at $250 per dog per national. It was discussed to leave the entry fee as it is.

Motion by Jim Swanson to leave the club dues as they are curently, leave the running dog fee at the current $100. and the entry fees at the current $250 per dog per national. Seconded by Ray Smith, Motion carried

Approve the judges for the 2011 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake;

  • EasternZone – Jean-Luc Maheux
  • Central Zone – Larry Cleven
  • Western Zone – Gary Randall

Approve the judges for the 2011 National Retriever Championship Stake

  • Eastern Zone – Peter Martin
  • Southern Ontario Zone – Skip (Leonard) Snow
  • Western Zone – Graham Bowman

Recognize the retiring Directors:

  • British Columbia – One vacant
  • Alberta – Gord Benn
  • Saskatchewan – Sue Taylor
  • Manitoba – John Lapensee
  • Southern Ontario – Bruce Kelly
  • Northern Ontario – Charles Dygos

Review and consider any other matters of importance to the corporation:

1. Online’s Contract – currently at $1300 per annum, reviewed annually. Discussion from above regarding the new proposal by Dennis Voigt, to have Online print only the two nationals per year at a cost of $250 per national coverage. This will include the front cover page and up to 12 pages of script, including photos, as long as Online is in a printable format.

Motion: Glenn Norton moved we enter into the proposal with Retrievers Online to accept their reporting of the two nationals per year at the cost of $250 per national for a totla of $500. per annum. Seconded by Ray Smith. Discussion on not publishing the trial results, stats and high point dogs. Motion carried

2. Don Gillingham’s contract as statistician – currently at $2000 per annum. Don compiles all the qualifiers lists, high point dogs in Canada and the stats

Motion by Diana Beatty that we continue with Don Gillingham’s contract as it currently is. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

3. Secretary-Treasurer honorarium – currently at $2500 per annum

Motion by Jim Swanson to continue with the current honorarium as it is. Seconded by Jane Spearing. Motion carried. Jim suggested that the directors become responsible for contacting the local clubs in their province regarding judge selection, delegates, agenda items, and club liasion. This would help ease some of the workload for Marg and put directors more open and in touch with their areas. Marg to take a look at her workload and see if there are any other areas that directors could undertake.

4. Communications Officer: Honorarium currently at $2000, Dona has done a great job taking over as webmaster and also doing the write-ups, photos and drawings at the national amateur. There is some discussion as to Dona undertaking more of the work if Online no longer publishes the trial results, stats and high point dogs. Dona mentioned that she is already doing most of these now. She is not prepared to continue to post running orders at weekend trials, she suggested that trial secretaries could post these to the Canadian Hunting Dog Forum instead. It was suggested that Dona create a link to the Canadian Hunting Dog Forum for this purpose. There was more discussion on this position and added requirements.

Motion by Ray Smith that we increase the honorarium of the Communications officer to $2500. starting in 2011. Seconded by John Maiers. Motion carried.

5. Election of officers: A slate of officers was proposed at the director’s meeting. Gord called for nominations

  • President – Bev Fowler, Maitimes
  • 1st Vice President – Fred Benjaminson, Manitoba
  • 2nd Vice president – Bill Kennedy, Southern Ontario
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Marg Murray, Alberta

Nominations ceased.

Motion by Glenn Norton that we accept this slate of officers as presented. Seconded by Bruce Macdonald. Motion carried.

New Directors:

  • British Columbia - Jane Spearing
  • Alberta - Glenn Norton
  • Saskatchewan - Sue Taylor
  • Manitoba - Chuck Lapensee
  • Southern Ontario- Bruce Kelly
  • Northern Ontario - Charles Dygos

6. National Corporate Sponsor Liaison – Gord Benn thanked Dennis for all his hard work and contributions to the National Corporate Sponsorship. Dennis has stated he will carry on for another year, but he would like an executive to work with him in this area and to help carry on with trouble shooting, with the eventuality of this person taking over as corporate sponsor liasion. Lauralee Camilleri spoke to this as as sponsor. She suggested that there are a few people she would be willing to work with. That it takes a certain personality to be good at this and there needs to be a comfort and understanding of what sponsors need. Lauralee stated that Purina will be there as a sponsor as long as Purina has a good following of trialers. There was discsssion on possible candidates for this position, but people would need to be approached to consider this position.

Motion by Ray Smith that we put certain individuals on this list to consider, with the understanding that they be approached and be mutually acceptable to both Dennis and the sponsors. Charles Dygos seconded. Motion carried. Gord Benn to follow up on this.

Lauralee suggested that there be a template for "how" things happen at nationals in consideration of the sponsors, distributing of jackets, hats, workers bags, food, etc. She would like a format to be laid out that all host clubs could follow. Jane Spearing offered to work with Lauralee to create a national sponsorship check list regarding protocol.

7. Entry Express: This let itself open to a lot of discussion. Gord Benn addessed how entering online was easy to do, but the rest wasn't so easy. Graham and Jane spoke to this, they stated that the staff at Entry Express were very good to work with. There are a few unresolved problems with using this entry system. Entry forms did not get sent on to Jane or Marg, so consequently Marg will have to get all competitors to fill in national entry forms tonight at the banquet, something she had to do a the national amateur as well. Most CKC numbers did come through this time but postal codes all appear as numbers instead of letters and numbers. Payment was not forthcoming from EE, in fact this club has yet to receive its funds. This poses a difficulty in how the club pays its bills with no money received. Graham will be talking to Dennis and Shayne regarding this. Cost of catalogues was more than anticipated and they are not of national quality. Some discussion as to this being the first year, that glitches were to be expected. The exchange issue was also mentioned, as many were not happy with this, including the club, who had no way of knowing how much they would actually be receiving. The discussion was lengthy and it was decided that it needs to be determined if this system is actually making it easier for the clubs and Field Trial secretaries. A report is to be put together by Grahm Tyler and Jane Spearing regarding Entry Express. Dennis Voigt will review the report and try to smooth out the details with Entry Express to see if it needs to be refined or whether it should be continued with. A job description needs to be written down so that EE knows what is expected of them and the host club knows what is expected of them

Motion by Charles Dygos that the NRCC gives Dennis 6 months to work with Shayne and Entry Express to resolve these issues. Ray Smith seconded. Motion carried.

New business:

1. Regional alignment: Discussion on an email sent on behalf of Long Point club regarding changing the current zones in Canada to make three zones instead of the current four zones. Most felt the representation was fair as it is and it should be left as it is.

Motion by Ray Smith that we keep the existing four zones as they are currently. Seconded by Reg Williams. Motion carried

2. VISA Machine: It has been suggested that the NRCC purchase a VISA machine that could beloaned out to host clubs. Gord Benn had done some checking into this with a credit card processing company. Cost of the VISa machine would be $350 per account to set up, would be approximately $70. per month for a minimum of three months and charges would be approximately 1.9% per credit card use and 2.9% for special credit cards, plus .07 cents for debit transactions. The NRCC would own the credit card machine, so all entry fess and other monies would have to go through the NRCC bank account and then be paid out to the host club. This was deemed to not be a good fit at this time.

3. NRCC computer: NRCC computer has crashed. It is approximately 8 years old and has been having problems for a while. Discussion on this, it houses all the NRCC files, records and financial records. Backing it up has been an issue, as it refuses to allow this to happen. It was suggested that Marg look into having the files retrieved from the current computer at a reasonable cost and that Marg look into purchasing a laptop computer with a terabyte of memory and a memory stick.

Motion by Jim Swanson that the NRCC have the files retrieved from the current computer and that Marg purchase a new laptop computer with a terabyte of memory and a memory stick. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

Bruce Macdonald moved that the AGM be adjourned at 3:20 pm

Seconded by Charles Dygos . Motion carried.

Minutes recorded by Marg Murray