Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Sunday September 18, 2011

1. Welcome and roll call: Fred Benjaminson 1st Vice President of the NRCC welcomed all in attendance for the annual general meeting. Fred advised all in attendance that in order to vote on matters one must be the recognized delegate of a member club in good standing of the NRCC.

Fred Benjaminson MB Director and 1st Vice President of the NRCC
Larry Baker Delta Marsh Retriever Club
Bob Norris MGDA
Chuck Lapensee MB Director, Brandon Retriever Club
Charles Dygos N Ont Director, LPRTC, LOC, NBDRTC
Ray Smith N Ont Director, NORA, Algoma
Kevin Cheff Temiskaming
Kevin Howarth Winnipeg Field Trial Club
Charlie Perkins
Ron Bischke AB Director, RMSDC, ARCA
Rick Regamble BC Lab
Bruce Macdonald AB Director, WRRC
C J Richardson Niagara Peninsula RTC
Bob James AB Director, AFTC
Jane Thompson LRCCO, Pine Ridge
Bill Cummings York Retriever Club
Connie Swanson SWORTC
Marg Murray SCRC, RDRC
Gord Benn WRRC
Marlene Benn

2. National Reports

a) 2011 National Championship report: Larry Baker the organizing Chairman gave the report. Larry stated that all was falling into place. Judges like the grounds and are just fine tuning their tests. Good set-up crew, excellent support from all the committees. Banquet was a great success, many evenings of social activities to be enjoyed by all. Grounds are in great shape, lots of trimming has been done by the willing members of MGDA, a new berm has been added and the roads re-gravelled. Great sponsorship by the major sponsors. Larry mentioned the jackets were being held up in Los Angeles by US customs, but hopefully would be in time, if not the club has a contingency plan in place. Larry was thanked for his report.

b) 2012 National to be hosted by a joint venture of NORA and Algoma Retriever Club, to be held near Iron Bridge, Ontario, from September 16th to 22nd with a Sunday start. Ray Smith gave a report. Ray stated they have acquired some new grounds, and water. All committees are in place, banquet facility has been secured, and there will be ample pre-trial training grounds. Judges will be staying in a nice motel, the Red Top Inn in Iron Bridge. Ray suggests that some of the competitors may want to consider staying in Blind River, some 15 miles away, as they have more motels, services and restaurants to offer. Ray was thanked for his report.

c) 2012 National Amateur to be hosted by the Red Deer Retriever Club, near Pine Lake Alberta, from July 16th to 21st. Marg Murray gave the report. Don Pollock is the organizing Chairman and he has all his committees in place. Banquet facilities have been secured; headquarters will be at the same venue, starting from Sunday the 15th, prior to that another close location will serve as pre-registration. Grounds are predominately rolling pasture land with native prairie grasses and low bushes, as well as treed areas. The water is all natural prairie ponds, some stick ponds, some with cattails; they are varying shapes and sizes. The land and water areas are all owned by one extended family and are extensive; there has never been a trial run on most of it. Pre-trial training will be on the usual Red Deer grounds, with- in close proximity to the grounds. Several evenings of entertainment are being planned. It should be noted that the Calgary Stampede will be on immediately preceding the start of the national and Edmonton Klondike days start almost immediately after the Stampede.

d) 2013 National: Jane Thompson presented a proposal on behalf of the LRCCO to host this event near Brighton, Ontario, from September 23rd to 29th, 2013, more details to follow.

e) 2013 National Amateur: no official host yet, but Temiskaming has inquired, although it is scheduled to be held in the central zone. These two zones need to discuss and work out.

3. Approval of minutes from the AGM, held in Merritt, BC, September 18th, 2010. Motion by Charles Dygos to approve the minutes of the AGM held in Merritt, BC. Ray Smith seconded. Motion carried.

Business arising from the meeting: Discussion was held on the director conference call and how well it was received. The only problem arising from it was the cost. Directors looking at ways to offset the cost.

4. Correspondence: Marg reported there was none.

5. Report from the director meeting of yesterday. Fred gave a quick synopsis of the director meeting and stated that most would be reviewed during this meeting.

6. Financials of the National Retriever Club of Canada. Marg presented the audited financial statements of the NRCC from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. Marg also presented the budget forecast for the coming year, which was created by Bev Fowler. After a brief discussion of highlights of the financials Fred called for a motion to approve. Motion by Bob James to accept the financials as presented, seconded by Bruce Macdonald. Motion carried.

7. Review the organization of the 2011 National and appoint the Field Trial Committee. Marg mentioned that Gord MacKenzie head marshal would be the chairman of the committee and that Fred Benjaminson, acting Field trial chairman would automatically be on the committee, need to appoint three other members to represent the zones where the national is not being held. The members may not own, run or hold interest in a competing dog.

Field Trial Marshal Gord Mackenzie - will Chair Committee
Fred Benjaminson as national Chairman
Eastern Zone Al Petkau
Southern Ontario Zone Colin McMichael
Western Zone Stan Scoble

8. Set fee schedule for 2012 club dues, running dog fee and national entry fees. As per the director meeting motion by Charles Dygos to have the 2012 club dues remain at the current $75., running dog fees to remain at the current $100. Per dog and the national entry fee to remain at the current fee of $250, seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried

9. 2012 Judges

a) Judges for 2012 National Championship Stake to be held near Iron Bridge, Ontario
Southern Ontario zone Bill Cummings
Central Zone Ross Peden
Western Zone Daniel Shnitka

b) Judges for 1012 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake to be held near Pine Lake, Alberta.
Eastern Zone Jerry Younglove
Southern Ontario zone Bill Kennedy
Central Zone Rob McDougald

10. Recognize retiring directors:

British Columbia Graham Tyler
Alberta Bruce Macdonald
Saskatchewan Sue Taylor
Manitoba Pat Fitzpatrick - resigned
Fred Benjaminson - outgoing
Southern Ontario Bruce Kelly
Northern Ontario Gerry Burmaster
Quebec Denise Levasseur - resigned
Claude Lafontaine - outgoing
Maritimes Both directors still good

Newly elected directors:

British Columbia 1 vacant
Alberta Bruce Macdonald
Saskatchewan 1 vacant
Manitoba Larry Baker for 1 year term
Southern Ontario Dona Martin
Northern Ontario Gerry Burmaster
Quebec Donald Gauthier

Motion: Charles Dygos nominated the following slate of officers

Fred Benjaminson - President, Bill Kennedy - 1st Vice President, Bob James 2nd Vice President, Marg Murray - Secretary/Treasurer. Chuck Lapensee seconded. Motion carried

11. Review and consider any other matters of importance to the corporation:

a) Online - current contract is for publishing the two national write-ups.
Motion by Gord Benn that the NRCC continue with the current contract with Online at the current amount of $500. Per annum, to be reviewed annually. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried

b) Don Gillingham - statistician - current contract is $2000. Per annum
Motion by Charles Dygos that the NRCC continue with the current contract with Don Gillingham. Seconded by Gord Benn. Motion carried

c) Webmaster / communications officer - Dona Martin is the webmaster / communications officer. Motion by Ray Smith that the NRCC continue with the current honorarium of $2500. per annum for the webmaster/communications officer. Seconded by Larry Baker. Motion carried.

d) Secretary-Treasurer honorarium. Marg Murray is the current secretary-treasurer.
Motion by Bruce Macdonald to continue with the current honorarium of the secretary-treasurer of $2500. per annum. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried

e) National Corporate Sponsorship Liaison: Dennis Voigt will remain as the liaison between the NRCC and the sponsors. Marg Murray is currently acting as liaison between NRCC and host clubs. Follow up with Jane Spearing from the previous year's minutes.

12. New Business

a) National Judge accommodations: From the directors meeting, there will be one director from the host zone appointed to ensure the national judge accommodations are up to the required standards, as listed by the NRCC.

b) Club dues that are in arrears: Discussion on this, how to police clubs that have not paid their dues. Should there be a financial penalty? Or should there be some other sort penalty. Discussion from the directors meeting recommendation was to publish on the NRCC website whether or not a club is a paid up member in good standing of the NRCC.

Some attendees felt the onus should be on the NRCC to send out an email reminding clubs that dues, director forms, judge selection ballots, and club executive forms are available on the NRCC website. Dona and Marg to undertake this by January 1st, 2012. May want to draft an electronic invoice to be emailed to all clubs. Directors to follow up with clubs.

A notification will be posted, of the rules for qualification to nationals. This is to be posted at the top of the premium list column on the NRCC website.

Motion by Kevin Cheff moved we defer the financial penalization of clubs at this time, as the NRCC will try the corrective action described immediately above. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

c) Jill Richardson brought up the need for Field Trial Secretaries to have all the current information filled in on the qualification sheet that is sent to Don Gillingham. The correct owner name, full address and the correct dog information as well as whom the actual handler was must be sent to Don. He is only as good as the information he receives, and it makes it difficult for the national field trial secretary to send out qualifiers packages if that information is incorrect.

d) Discussion led by Ray Smith to have the rule that states "The field trial chairman cannot run a dog" eliminated. There was some discussion on this, both for and against, as the field trial chairman is also on the field trial committee.

Motion by Kevin Cheff to remove the rule that states that "the Field Trial Chairman cannot have a dog running in the trial". Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

e) TSX discussion led by Bruce Macdonald. Bruce suggests that clubs be able to put in the premium list, the day and date they will be using for the TSX closing. Discussion on this resulted in Bruce suggesting that the NRCC, represented by Bruce, present this to the retriever council. Suggestion that the current rule be changed to a minimum of two days before the actual trial, to help competitors who are traveling and to help the field trial secretaries be able to generate a proper catalogue.

There was more discussion on the TSX rule and posting running orders. Currently the CKC rule states clubs must use the TSX to determine the starting dog, there is no rule stating that the running order must be published. Discussion was split on this, with nothing resolved.

13. Adjournment: Larry Baker moved the meeting be adjourned at 3:30 pm. All in favour.

Marg Murray recorded the minutes.