Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Saturday September 15, 2012

Lions Club Hall, Iron Bridge, Ontario

1. President Fred Benjaminson welcomed all present at the AGM and thanked them for attending.

Roll Call:

Fred Benjaminson President of the NRCC, MGDA, DMRC, WFTC
Charles Dygos Director Northern Ontario, North Bay & District RTC
Ray Smith Director Northern Ontario, NORA,
Bruce Macdonald Director Alberta, WRRC, Brandon, RDRC
Gerry Burmaster Director Northern Ontario, Algoma
Bill Kennedy 1st VP of NRCC, EORC
Ron Bischke Director Alberta, RMSDC, ARCA
Dona Martin Director S. Ontario, ORC
Kevin Cheff Temiskaming
Shirley Greener LOC
Medie Robinson HHRC
Heather Stewart NPRTC
Cheryl Ritchie York
Dennis Ritchie York
Marg Murray SCRC
Jane Thompson LRCCO
Dennis Voigt PRRC
Connie Swanson SWORTC
Peter Motolla Long Point
Tom Dalton 2012 Chairman
Lee Woodhouse
Laurlee Camilleri Sponsor

2. Receive Reports from Trial Chairpersons:

a) 2012 National Retriever Championship Stake. Tom Dalton, Field Trial Chairman gave the report on behalf of the NORA and Algoma Retriever Club, hosts of the 2012 National. Tom stated that all is in great shape, judges are getting along, and tests are all set, just reviewing today. Land is in good shape, some natural fields in good shape and some cut hay fields. The water they have is some technical ponds and some natural ponds. The worker crew is industrious, set up crew and dogs are getting the answers for the judges. The set up has gone very well. Social functions are all in place. The club is hosting the opening banquet, and workers party. Everything is ready to go at 7:30 Sunday morning; caravan will leave headquarters at 6:45am, for the first test site. Tom stated that the club is in good financial shape and hopes to meet their budget forecast.

Pretrial maps have now been copied and are available at headquarters. The first test is a combined land double and land blind, which will be considered tests one and two. Fred thanked Tom for his presentation.

b) 2012 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake – Marg spoke on behalf of the Red Deer Retriever Club, who hosted the 2012 National Amateur from July 16th to 21st, near Pine Lake, Alberta. Field Trial Chairman was Don Pollock. Don organized an excellent national. The grounds were very challenging rolling hills with natural cover, natural prairie pot holes and natural ponds. The grounds crew, set up crew and trial mechanics were all superb. The club held several evenings of entertainment, food was excellent, and included prairie oysters compliments of one of the very gracious landowners. Bill Kennedy, who was one of the judges, expressed how happy the judges were with everything and everyone who had a hand in putting on this national.

c) 2013 National Retriever Championship Stake – Proposal presented by Jane Thompson on behalf of the Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario, to host the national from September 23rd to 28th. Dave Thompson will be chairman for this national. Field Trial Secretary will be Jennifer Ritchie, FT Marshal will be ????, Treasurer will be Kathy MacInnis. This core group has hosted several previous successful nationals and will be a very well organized, experienced and capable group. Motion by Gerry Burmaster to accept LRCCO as the host of the 2013 National from September 23rd to 28th. Seconded by Heather Stewart. Motion carried.

Discussion: Some discussion on this, suggested a Sunday start due to short daylight hours, Jane stated they were considering this.

Judges for this National will be:
Western Zone Dr. Bob James
Central Zone Chuck Lapensee
Eastern Zone Barbara Younglove

d) 2013 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake. Central zone to host, but no club is willing or able to host at this time.

There was much discussion on this item, as this will be the 25th anniversary of the National Amateur Retriever Championship. Proposal to put out a notice on the NRCC website asking for potential clubs willing to host, preferably, on the west side of the Manitoba border as the National is to be held in Southern Ontario. There is a Club from BC, the BC Labrador Retriever Club who is putting together a proposal to host, Michele MacDonald has been in contact with Marg and says their club is willing to host, just need to fill in a few more committee positions. She is hoping to get proposal sent in to Marg in the next few days. Their grounds would be on the lower mainland BC, near Deroche. Motion by Jane Thomson to accept the forthcoming proposal from the BC Lab Club to host the 2013 National Amateur. Seconded by Connie Swanson. Motion carried.

Judges for this National Amateur will be:
Eastern Zone Nelson Spencer
Southern Ontario Zone Howard Simson
Western Zone Chris Allaire

3. Approval of minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting from Balmoral, Manitoba. Motion By Ray Smith to accept the minutes from the AGM held in Balmoral, Manitoba. Bill Kennedy seconded. Motion carried.

Business arising from the minutes – Bruce Macdonald spoke regarding the current wording on the TSX rule.

Many clubs are having problems with this rule particularly if their trial starts on a Friday or earlier, hardship getting TSX posted for competitors attending. Bruce’s proposal is to change the TSX start to the Tuesday closing of the TSX from the current Thursday close, or his other suggestion would be two days prior to the trial. This would allow clubs time to get the number posted so that competitors can plan their trip and motel rooms etc. After some discussion on this it was suggested by Fred that any participant here who would like input on this or to express their opinion, that they please contact their Retriever Council Rep to add their input.

4. Correspondence: There was none.

5. Report from the director meeting. Fred discussed some of the points covered at the director meeting. Fred gave a summarization of the directors recommendations which will be:

a. Website Information Posting

  • Current Data
  • Constitution and Bylaws of the NRC
  • One Judge’s perspective
  • Judging fundamentals - Dennis Voigt of Retrievers Online and the Retriever News will be posting in their respective magazines. Dennis has copies with him for all interested.
  • National judges guidelines as presented by the Judges selection committee.
  • The Procedures and Guidelines for hosting nationals – currently is being updated, then will be posted

b. Fee Schedule for the NRCC for 2013

  • National Entry fee to remain at the current $250.
  • NRCC club dues to remain at the current $75.
  • Running dog fee to remain at the current $100. Per running dog

c. Online contract – currently at $500 per annum for the publishing of the two nationals including photos and test descriptions – to remain at current $500.

d. Statistician – Currently Don Gillingham – receives $2000 for his compilation of the statistics, trial results, national qualifiers – to remain at current.

e. Communications Officer – Currently Dona Martin, who does an excellent job of the national write-ups, photos, and building and maintaining the NRCC website – receives $2500 honorarium currently – to remain at current.

Dona mentioned that both her position as Communications officer and Marg’s as Secretary Treasurer were for a three year term, and she was asking if they are to be extended or how this was to work, as the three year term was now up. Discussion led by Bill Kennedy regarding how well Dona has done as communications officer with both the national trial reporter and the website. Recommended that both stay in their positions for a 5 year term. Motion by Bill Kennedy that both the Communications Officer and Secretary/Treasurer continue for a further 5 year term. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried

f. Secretary/Treasurer – Currently Marg Murray – to remain at current.

6. Review and approve financial statements and approve the auditor. Marg presented the financial statements. Marg presented the budget forcast that was put together. Lots of discussion on the budget forcast, it was determined that the entries were very likely on the high side and should be adjusted down to reflect the lessening of entries at recent nationals.Motion: Charles Dygos moved we accept the financial records of the NRCC as presented. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.

Appoint Auditor : Motion by Ray Smith that we appoint Dawne McKenzie as the auditor. Seconded by Heather Stewart, motion carried.

7. Review the plans and organization of the 2012 National and appoint the field trial committee.

Field Trial Committee is to be comprised of three members who are going to be in attendance all week and who do not have dogs running in the national.

Chairman of the committee will be:
Greg MacInnis , FT Marshal
Tom Dalton FT Chairman
Bill Kennedy S Ontario Zone
Gerry Burmaster Central Zone
Mike Leupkes Western Zone

8. Call for motions to set the 2013 fees

a. Club Dues – currently at $75, Directors recommend we leave as they are currently.

b. Running dog fees – currently at $100. per dog. Directors recommend that the NRCC stay with the old system of the 60/40 split with the host clubs. .

c. Entry Fees – currently at $250 per dog per national. It was discussed to leave the entry fee as it is.

Motion by Ray Smith to leave the club dues as they are curently, leave the running dog fee at the current $100. and the entry fees at the current $250 per dog per national. Seconded by Jane Thompson, Motion carried

9. Recognize the retiring Directors:

  • British Columbia Jim Swanson
    Alberta Ron Bischke
    Manitoba Larry Baker
    Southern Ontario Jim Ling
    Northern Ontario Ray Smith

10. Election of officers: A slate of officers was proposed at the director’s meeting.

President Bill Kennedy S. Ontario
1st Vice President Bob James Alberta
2nd Vice president Dan Yeomans Maritimes
Secretary-Treasurer Marg Murray Alberta

New Directors: British Columbia Jim Swanson
Alberta Ron Bischke
Saskatchewan No one needed at this time
Manitoba Larry Baker
Southern Ontario Dennis Voigt
Northern Ontario Lee Woodhouse
Quebec Glynn Bidewell

Motion by Kevin Cheff that we accept the new slate of directors as presented. Seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried

11. National Corporate Sponsor Liaison – Fred thanked Dennis for all his hard work and contributions to the National Corporate Sponsorship. Dennis has stated he will carry on for another year. Dennis discussed the current National Corporate sponsors, he named which contracts are still valid and which need to be renegotiated. He is currently in discussion with the sponsors whose contract periods are at an end. Dennis will update all once his discussions and negotiations have been completed. Lauralee stated that Purina will be there as a sponsor as long as Purina has a good following of trialers. There was discussion on the NRCC and the field trial communities need to support the national sponsors, these sponsors need to feel they are being appreciated for their support of the retriever field trial sport. Clubs and individuals should be encouraged to send letters of Thank you to these sponsors.

Lauralee stated that most of the sponsors are looking for new membership and support by individuals. Purina has the Purina Pro Club, so for individuals who are feeding Purina, they need to join the Pro Club, sned in their weight circles from the bags of dog food and then Purina will send the member coupons for new bags of dog food. Purina looks at the new membership in the Pro Club as a measure of how well we, as trailers are supporting Purina.

12. New Business:

a. Judging Pool: Ray Smith opened a discussion on the fact that the judging pool has gotten very small in the Eastern Zone and possibly other area across Canada. Ray suggested that there could be a need for re-zoning, going down to three zones from the current four zones. This discussion was quite extensive. Several suggestions were made. One suggestion by Gerry Burmaster was to combine both nationals and have only one set of judges. The format for this would be to host one National but to have a winner declared for the both the open national and the amateur national. The one set of judges would judge all the dogs at the same time on the same tests and at the completion of the ten series, a winner would be declared for the National and an amateur would be declared the winner of the National Amateur. This could be the same person / dog team who could win both titles at the same time, or it could be two different individuals who would win the separate titles.

Another suggestion that was brought up was to go down to two judges from the current three judges as a measure of helping the small judging pool, most felt that the three judge system should remain in place.

b. Southern Ontario- Discussion on Southern Ontario losing grounds, seems some clubs have already lost their grounds or are on the verge of doing so. This is posing a real problem for trial hosting clubs to continue to host weekend trials let alone to consider hosting a national. Weather also plays a huge part in the problems of hosting summer trials / nationals as it is too hot and too humid to even consider hosting.

c. Ron Modesto addressed the financial report Ron congratulated the directors and the executive for getting the finances back in the “black” in these tough financial times.

d. Bruce Macdonald moved that the AGM be adjourned at 3:20 pm. Seconded by Charles Dygos . Motion carried.

Minutes recorded by Marg Murray