Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Sunday September 22, 2013

1. Welcome and roll call: Bill Kennedy President of the NRCC welcomed all in attendance for the annual general meeting. Bill advised all in attendance that in order to vote on matters one must be the recognized delegate of a member club in good standing of the NRCC.

Bill Kennedy  S. Ont Director, President of the NRCC, EORC
Gail Komadaski  Delta Marsh Retriever Club, MGDA, WFTC
Connie Swanson  SWORTC
Gerry Burmaster  N. Ont Director, Algoma
Ray Smith   NORA
Kevin CheffCheff  Temiskaming
Dona Martin  Ottawa RC
Dan Yeomans  Maritimes Director, Sunpoke
Jim Ling  PRRC
Daniel Shnitka  Vancouver Island RC
Bruce Macdonald  AB Director, WRRC, ARCA, Brandon
Al Custers  Niagara Peninsula RTC
Shirley Greener  LOC, LRCCO
Jennifer Ritchie  York,
Chris Bayles  MVRTC
Connie Swanson  SWORTC
Marg Murray  SCRC, RDRC, RMSDC
Margo Wikjord  Logan Lake
Mickey Rawlins  Fraser Valley RTC
Dennis Voigt  S. Ont director
Richard Dresser

2. Minutes of the AGM from Iron Bridge, Sept. 2012

Motion: Gerry Burmaster moved to approve the minutes from the AGM of 2012 held at Iron Bridge. Seconded by Dan Yeomans. Motion Carried

3. Business arising from the minutes. There was none

4. Correspondence : There was none.

5. Report from the September 20 director meeting was read by Marg. There were 10 directors in attendance. FT Marshal Chris Bayles gave a report on how well things were going. Judges getting along, happy with grounds and excellent work crew. Most tests are set up. Club has social events in order. Disappointed in the low entry.

  • Suggestion from that the NRCC needs to put together a list of qualified national judges on the NRCC website, as CKC no longer provides such a list. Would need to be compiled on a provincial / zone level.
  • Secretary/Treasurer positions be separated into two separate positions. Seconded by Gerry Burmaster. Motion carried.
  • Discussion on rezoning, splitting into an Eastern and Western Zone with Ontario / Manitoba as the split. Decision to keep the current 4 zone system to encourage judges and host clubs from all areas of Canada. If a scheduled zone is unable to provide a host club or a judge, then the host club and or judges may be selected from their side of the Manitoba / Ontario border. The National and National amateur should be held on opposite sides of the Manitoba/Ontario border and each rotate between east and west.
  • Judges for 2014 National Amateur Retriever Championship Stake
    – Western zone:  Marlene Benn
    – Central Zone:  George Malaktaris
    – S. Ontario Zone:  Peter Motolla
  • Judges for 2014 National Retriever Championship Stake
    – Central Zone:  Charlie Ross
    – S. Ontario Zone:  Heather Stewart
    – Eastern Zone:  Jm Ling
  • Retrievers Online to continue with the current contract for one more year. Publishing the write ups and diagrams from both nationals, up to 12 pages, front cover for the current $500. Per year to be reviewed annually.
  • Decision to scrap the judge selection committee
  • 1st Vice president to ensure that all directors are active in ensuring clubs nominate national judges when required.
  • Bylaw V, Section 3 be abolished when By-Laws revised.
    By-Law V - Suspension and Expulsion
    Section 3
    "Any member failing to hold a retriever field trial licensed by The Canadian Kennel Club in any two consecutive calendar years, shall cease to be a member to the end of the second calendar year and not be eligible for membership in the subsequent year. The provisions of this section may be waived by a majority vote of the members.

6. National Reports

a. Report on 2013 National Amateur was given by Marg Murray who was FT Secretary for this national. Stampede city Retriever Club, the host club, was very pleased with how this national went. Good entry, 55 dogs, club rented the town of Rowley, AB, which is a ghost town, which has 7 residents. All enjoyed pizza night at Sam’s Bar and Saloon to start off the national. Club had Saturday night at Sam’s, Sunday was opening banquet in Morrin, Monday was Canada day celebration, Tuesday was Alberta Retriever clubs night, Wednesday was Workers party, Thursday was 4th of July celebrations and Friday was a pot luck, so competitors and workers were well fed at all of these evenings. Judges had 17 quarter sections of land and water to choose from and competitors had 16 quarter sections of land and water to train on. Club did not actively fund raise, but still managed to make a profit of $3430, and that is without the Tritronics $1500, which has never been received. Dennis Voigt is to look into why this money has not been received, for either of the two 2013 nationals, and to report back to host clubs.

b. 2014 National to be hosted by the Alberta Field Trial Club, to be held near Strathmore, Alberta, from September 14th to 20th with a Sunday start. Marg Murray gave a report. Marg stated that the proposal is well prepared and presented. All committees are in place, banquet facility has been secured, and there will be ample pre-trial training grounds. Judges will be staying in a nice motel, the Strathmore Days Inn, in Strathmore. Strathmore has all amenities and is only half an hour east of the Calgary Airport.
Motion: by Dan Yeomans to approve the Alberta Field Trial Club as host for the 2014 national. Seconded by Charles Dygos. Motion carried.

c. 2014 National Amateur: letter of intent has been submitted by Peter Martin to host the 2014 National Amateur at Kapuskasing, Ontario. Peter has not submitted a formal proposal, nor a budget, even though he was supplied with these items. After discussion Charles Dygos Motion: to accept Peter’s letter of intent conditional on dated proposal and budget being presented. Lee Woodhouse seconded. Motion carried.

d. 2015 National: Saskatoon Retriever has submitted a proposal, which the directors have asked them to submit for 2016 as it would then be on the correct side of the Manitoba/Ontario border. They have said they would host 2016 National instead.

e. 2015 National Amateur: no official host yet

7. Financials of the National Retriever Club of Canada. Marg presented the un-audited financial statements of the NRCC from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013. She noted that the NRCC has a total of $39,793.50 in liabilities and equity. After a brief discussion of highlights of the financials Bill called for a motion to approve. Motion by Kevin Cheff to accept the financials as presented, seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried.
Marg also presented a verbal budget forecast for the coming year. Budget forecast did not give a positive outlook for 2013–2014, forecast predicts a loss in revenue of approximately $1500 or more.
by Kevin Cheff to accept the budget, Chris Bayles seconded, Motion carried.
Appoint Auditor:
Noted that no Auditor Report for current Financials. Motion by Connie Swanson to appoint Dawne McKenzie as auditor, seconded by Gail Komadoski, Motion carried.

8. Review the organization of the 2013 National and appoint the Field Trial Committee. Marg mentioned that Chris Bayles, head marshal would be the chairman of the committee and that Dave Thompson, Field trial chairman would automatically be on the committee, need to appoint three other members to represent the zones where the national is not being held.

–  Field Trial Marshal  Chris Bayles – will Chair Committee
–  Dave Thompson  as national Chairman
–  Eastern Zone  Dan Yeomans
–  Central Zone  Gail Komadoski
–  Western Zone  Margo Wikjord

9. Set fee schedule for 2014 club dues, running dog fee and national entry fees. As per the director meeting Motion by Charles Dygos to have the 2014 club dues remain at the current $75., running dog fees to remain at the current $100. Per dog and the national entry fee to remain at the current fee of $250, seconded by Ray Smith. Motion carried

10. Recognize retiring directors:

–  British Columbia  Jane Spearing
–  Alberta  Bob James
–  Saskatchewan  no one
–  Manitoba  Chuck Lapensee
–  Southern Ontario  Bill Kennedy
–  Northern Ontario  Charles Dygos
–  Maritimes  Bev Fowler
Newly elected directors: British Columbia Jane Spearing
–  Alberta  Bob James
–  Manitoba  Chuck Lapensee
–  Southern Ontario  Connie Swanson
–  Northern Ontario  Kevin Cheff
–  Maritimes  Mike Zelman
Motion: Ray Smith to approve the following slate of new directors. Jim Ling seconded. Motion carried

11. Review and consider any other matters of importance to the corporation:

a. Don Gillingham – statistician – current contract is $2000. Per annum

Motion by Ray Smith that the NRCC continue with the current contract with Don Gillingham. Seconded by Gerry Burmaster. Motion carried

b. Webmaster / communications officer – Dona Martin is the webmaster / communications officer. Motion by Ray Smith that the NRCC discuss the current honorarium of $2500. per annum for the webmaster/communications officer at the 2nd director meeting. Seconded by Connie Swanson. Motion carried.

c. National Corporate Sponsorship Liaison: Dennis Voigt will remain as the Corporate Sponsor Liaison between the NRCC and the sponsors. Bruce Macdonald will be Club Sponsor Liaison between NRCC and host clubs.

12. New Business:

a. Bylaw revision: Motion by Ray Smith that Bruce Macdonald and his committee, including Dona Martin and Kevin Cheff will review the bylaws of the NRCC and prepare an update for the 2014 AGM, seconded by Connie Swanson. Motion carried

b. Special Policies on National Amateurs amended. Motion: by Dennis Voigt to state that professional trainers may be allowed to be on line in their official capacity as a committee member at a National Amateur, seconded by Connie Swanson. Motion carried

c. Secretary / Treasurer position has been split into Secretary and Treasurer. Motion by Kevin Cheff to have the directors look at the secretary position, seconded by Chris Bayles. Bruce Macdonald read from the Bylaws so following a discussion, no decision was deemed necessary.

d. Increase income for the NRCC: Discussion on how to do so resulted in a motion by Rich Dresser. Motion: Rich Dresser moved that the directors form a committee to look at ways to generate income for the NRCC and the director committee is to report back to the AGM meeting next year, seconded by Jim Ling. Motion carried

Adjournment: Ray Smith moved to adjourn the meeting at 4pm, all in favour. Marg Murray recorded the minutes.