Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Saturday September 12, 2014

1. Welcome and roll call: Bob President of the NRCC welcomed all in attendance for the annual general meeting. Bob advised all in attendance that in order to vote on matters one must be the recognized delegate of a member club in good standing of the NRCC.

Bill Kennedy - Eastern Ontario Retriever Club
Jane Spearing - Logan Lake Retriever Club, BC Amateur Field Trial Club
Brenda Richmond - BC Labrador Retriever Club
Doug Fraser - Fraser Valley Retriever Club
Jim Ling - Pine Ridge Retriever Club
Charles Dygos - Long Point Retriever Training Club, Bancroft Retriever Club
Mike Zelman - Montreal Retriever Club, Eastern Flyway Hunting Retriever Club, Sunpoke Hunting Retriever Club
Bruce Macdonald - Wild Rose Retriever Club
Debby Montgomery - Vancouver Island Retriever Club
John McDonald - Saskatchewan Retriever Clubs Association, Saskatoon Retriever Club
Dona Martin - Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario, Ottawa Retriever Club
Marg Murray - Stampede City Retriever Club, Red Deer Retriever Club, Alberta Retriever Clubs Association
Ray Smith - Northern Ontario Retriever Association, York Retriever Club, North Bay and District Retriever Training Club
Bob James - Alberta Field Trial Club
Kevin Cheff - Temiskaming Retriever Club, Algoma Retriever Association, South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club
Larry Baker - Winnipeg Field Trial Club, Delta Marsh Retriever Club, Manitoba Gun Dog Association
Chuck Lapensee - Brandon Retriever Club

2. Agenda

Motion: Jane Spearing motioned that the Agenda be amended to add Adopt Agenda and to move Item 6 Financial Statements to follow Business Arising From the Minutes Seconded by Larry Baker. Motion carried.

3. Minutes of the AGM from Brighton, Sept. 2013

Motion: Ray Smith moved to approve the minutes from the AGM of 2013 held at Brighton. Seconded by Chuck Lapensee. Motion carried

4. Business arising from the minutes.

a. By Law Update - Bruce Macdonald presented a summary of proposed changes to the By Laws, that were approved by the Board of Directors. The By Laws submission to Industry Canada is a necessary next step to ensuring that the NRCC remains a federally recognized corporation. Member clubs will be sent a copy of the By Laws and a summary of changes to vote by Special Resolution, on approving the new By Laws. Discussion from the floor questioned the removal of the 2nd vice-president position. In response, the Directors feel that with more Conference Calls, communication and Director involvement, there is no requirement for a 2nd vice-president.

5. December 2013 Financial Statements, 2014 Cash Flow to Date, 2015 Cash Flow Projection

Dona Martin presented the Financial Statements on behalf of Treasurer Mark Laberge. As a result of splitting the Secretary / Treasurer into 2 separate positions, the NRCC underwent a transfer of responsibilities. A question from the floor regarding Expense Item 5900 - Supplies was deferred to get clarification of the expense.

Motion: Ray Smith motioned that the Financial Statements be approved. Seconded by Dona Martin. Motion carried.

6. Correspondence :

a. E-collar ban - In response to the Private Member's Bill proposing to include the use of electronic collars a criminal offense under the Cruelty to Animals provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. (Bill C 615), Mike Zelman encouraged members to write their individual MPs and to copy: Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice, Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcaire. A letter will be sent to all member clubs with suggested information to be included in correspondence.

b. Migratory Bird Act - Dona Martin reported that the NRCC was asked to provide feedback on proposed changes to the Migratory Bird Act. A review was conducted to ensure possession limits for clubs using shot birds at their field trials and a report was submitted by Bob James on behalf of the NRCC.

7. Reports

a. 2014 National Amateur - Kevin Cheff provided a report on the 2015 National Amateur. The event was very successful and has received positive feedback. Kevin acknowledged the contributions by Peter & Terry Martin, Linda Schlemkevich, Richard Dresser, the Marshal's Committee, Judges, Sponsor Liaison Dennis Voigt and Bruce Macdonald, Internet reporter Dona Martin.

b. 2014 National Report - Some issues related to land were reported but otherwise the event was running smoothly.

Field Trial Committee

  • Chair, Chief Marshal - Rob Littlemore
  • FT Chair, Dan Danforth
  • Southern Ontario Zone - Bill Kennedy
  • Eastern Zone - Mike Zelman
  • Central Zone - Laura Jones

c. Set fee schedule for 2015 club dues, running dog fee and national entry fees. As per the director meeting Motion by Kevin Cheff to have the running dog fees be increased to $110 per dog and the national entry fee to remain at the current fee of $250, Seconded by Doug Richmond. Discussion from the floor voiced concerns about taking money from the clubs. Motion defeated

d. 2015 Judge Selection

National Amateur:

  • Southern Ontario - Dave Broomhead
  • Eastern Zone - Jean Richardson
  • Western Zone - Ron Bischke


  • Central Zone - Jane Spearing
  • Eastern Zone - Sharon Gierman
  • Western Zone - Marg Murray

e. Retrievers Online agreement - Retrievers Online has indicated that they will no longer be publishing a printed magazine. As a result, the NRCC has decided not to renew their contract to publish the National and National Amateur write-ups.

f. Field Trial Results - Retriever Results proposal Jim Ling presented the Retriever Results proposal and indicated further investigation and negotiations into cost reduction is needed before making a final decision. Discussion from the floor suggested that ways to find funding for Retriever Results partnership could include an addition to the NRCC website to allow for donations or charge for Retriever Results subscription.

g. Task Force Report - Kevin Cheff presented the interim Task Force Report on behalf of Dennis Voigt, Chair. Results from the survey conducted, indicate that declines in Field Trial participation are similar to what are being experienced in the US.

h. Sponsors Report - Bruce Macdonald presented the report on the Corporate Sponsorship Program on behalf of Dennis Voigt, Corporate Sponsor Liaison. The corporate sponsorship program for 2014 remained in good shape. Some cutbacks were encountered from a few sponsors, while others increased their contributions. A new major sponsor came on board to support both Nationals as well as the NRCC itself.

8. The Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario application to host 2015 National was the only application received.

9. Set dates and locations for the:

  • 2015 National Amateur July 13-18, 2014 in Balmoral MB
  • 2015 National proposed dates September 14-19, 2014 (under review), Brighton, ON

10. Recognize retiring directors:

British Columbia - Graham Tyler
Alberta - Bruce Macdonald
Saskarchewan - John McDonald
Manitoba - Fred Benjaminson
Southern Ontario - Dennis Voigt, Gary Mason
Northern Ontario - Gerry Burmaster

11. Newly elected directors:

British Columbia - Graham Tyler
Alberta - Marg Murray
Manitoba - Gail Komadoski
Southern Ontario - Jim Ling (1 year), Gary Mason
Northern Ontario - Boyd Rutledge

12. New Business

Motion by Ray Smith for the NRCC to investigate the viability of the NRCC to host a National in 4 years. Seconded by Marg Murray. Motion carried.

13. Adjournment

Motion by Larry Baker to adjourn the meeting at 1pm, Seconded by Brenda Richmond. Motion carried. Dona Martin recorded the minutes.