Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Saturday September 9, 2018

1. Welcome and roll call: Jim Ling, President of the NRCC welcomed all in attendance for the annual general meeting. Jim advised all in attendance that in order to vote on matters one must be the recognized delegate/proxy of a member club in good standing of the NRCC.

  • Daniel Danforth, Alberta Field Trial Club, Alberta Retriever Clubs Association, Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club
  • Rob Littlemore, Wild Rose Retriever Club
  • Dona Martin , Ottawa Retriever Club, North Bay & District Retriever Training Club, Pine Ridge Retriever Club
  • Sharon Van Der Lee, Brandon Retriever Club
  • Marg Murray, Stampede City Retriever Club
  • John McDonald, Saskatchewan Retriever Club, Saskatoon Retriever Club, Manitoba Gun Dog Association
  • Stu Mead, Red Deer Retriever Club
  • Jim Swanson, Prince George Retriever Club
  • Mike Zelman , Eastern Flyway Hunting Retriever Club, Cape Breton Retriever Club
  • Nolan Nelkenbrcher, BC Amateur Retriever Club, Logan Lake Retriever Club, Fraser Valley Retriever Club
  • Hope Roberts, Vancouver Island Retriever Club, Upper Island Retriever Club

2. Agenda

Motion: Marg Murray moved that the Agenda be approved Seconded by Rob Littlemore. Motion carried.

3. Minutes of the AGM from Brighton, Ontario on September 9, 2018

Motion: Marg Murray moved to approve the minutes from the AGM of 2017 held at Brighton, Ontario. Seconded by John McDonald. Motion carried

4. Business arising from the minutes.


5. 2017 Financial Statements

The Financial Statements were presented on behalf of Treasurer Mark Laberge. A request was put forth for a breakdown on National vs National Amateur on item 4200 for future reports.

Motion: Rob Littlemore moved to approve the 2017 Financial Statements. Seconded: by Mike Zelman. Motion Carried.

6. Correspondence :

  • Discussion of the communiqué sent out to the Field Trial Community by Fred Benjaminson. The general consensus was that there was no support for the Retriever Council agenda items other than those submitted by the NRCC. John McDonald agreed to review protocol posted on NRCC website with regards to rule changes by Retriever Council

7. Reports

a. 2018 National Amateur - Dona Martin reported that the host club, North Bay & District Retriever Training Club put on a great 2018 National Amateur. Everyone felt welcome at the various venues. The tests were challenging and fair and the judges were generous with their callbacks.

b. 2018 National Report - Doug Shepherd, Field Trial Marshal reported to the Board of Directors that setup was going well with no major problems. The grounds and water were very good and the setup crew superb.

  • Field Trial Committee
  • Chair, Chief Marshal - Doug Shepherd
  • FT Chair, Stu Mead
  • 3 other committee members: Don Pollock, Sharon Van Der Lee, Dan Danforth

c. Host clubs and dates for

  • 2019 National Amateur - Alberta Field Trial Club
  • 2019 National - Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario pending Board approval.

d. 2018 Judge Selection

  • National Amateur and National judges to be confirmed.

e. Sponsors Report - Mike Zelman, Corporate Sponsor Liaison, presented the report on the Corporate Sponsorship Program.

  • Purina's contract ends in December 2018. A new contract is needed.
  • Zinger Winger is good for 2019.
  • Garmin is on board for 2019
  • Avery wants to investigate a better way to ship Silent Auction items

8. Recognize retiring directors:

  • British Columbia, Dave Douglas
  • Alberta, Daniel Danforth
  • Manitoba, Charlie Ross
  • Northern Ontario, Jim Andrew
  • Southern Ontario, Jim Ling
  • New Brunswick, Dan Yeomans

Newly elected directors: British Columbia Jim Swanson

  • Alberta, Daniel Danforth
  • Manitoba, Charlie Ross
  • Northern Ontario, Jim Andrew
  • Southern Ontario, Jim Ling
  • New Brunswick, Vacant

9. New Business

a. Motion by Mike Zelman to skip Auditor for 2018. The Financial statements are prepared by a public accounting firm. Seconded by John McDonald. Motion carried with 1 vote against.

10. Adjournment

Motion by Jim Swanson to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Daniel Danforth. Motion carried. Dona Martin recorded the minutes.