Minutes From Annual General Meeting

Saturday September 7, 2019

1. Welcome and roll call: Jim Ling, President of the NRCC welcomed all in attendance for the annual general meeting. Jim advised all in attendance that in order to vote on matters one must be the recognized delegate/proxy of a member club in good standing of the NRCC.

  • Daniel Danforth - Alberta Field Trial Club, Alberta Retriever Clubs Association, Wild Rose Retriever Club
  • Dona Martin - Ottawa Retriever Club, Eastern Ontario Retriever Club
  • Jim Ling - Pine Ridge Retriever Club
  • Murray Murphy - Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club, B.C. Amateur Field Trial Club Club
  • Bill Kennedy - Stampede City Retriever Club, Temiskaming Retriever Club
  • Richard Dresser - Algoma Retriever Club, Northern Ontario Retriever Association
  • Jim Andrew - North Bay & District Retriever Training Club
  • Dan Yeomans - Sunpoke Retriever Club, Cape Breton Retriever Club
  • Dan Devos - Delta Marsh Retriever Club, Manitoba Gun Dog Association Club, Winnipeg Retriever Club
  • Shirley Greener - York Retriever Club
  • Dave Wardle - Long Point Retriever Training Club
  • Darlene Broomhead - Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario

2. Agenda

Motion: Dan Danforth moved that the Agenda be approved Seconded by Connie Swanson. Motion carried.

3. Minutes of the AGM from Spruce View, Alberta, Ontario on September 9, 2018

Motion: Connie Swanson moved to approve the minutes from the AGM of 2018 held at Spruce View, Alberta. Seconded by Darlene Broomhead. Motion carried

4. Business arising from the minutes.

"None to report.

5. 2018 Financial Statements

The Financial Statements were presented by Treasurer Mark Laberge.

Motion: Richard Dresser moved to approve the 2018 Financial Statements. Seconded: by Dan Yeomans. Motion Carried.

6. Correspondence :

  • None to report.

7. Reports

a. 2019 National Amateur - Dan Danforth reported that the host club, Alberta Field Trial Club put on a great 2019 National Amateur. The Western theme made everyone feel welcome and have a good time. The tests were challenging and fair and the judges were generous with their callbacks. Jim Andrew spoke on behalf of the NRCC to thank the Alberta Field Trial Club, represented by Dan Danforth for a job well done.

b. 2019 National Report - Dan Yeomans spoke on behalf of the Field Trial Marshal and reported to the Board of Directors that the setup was going well and the judges were coming up with multiple options for each setup and location..

  • Field Trial Committee
  • Chair, Chief Marshal - Greg MacInnis
  • FT Chair, Dave Thompson
  • 3 other committee members
    - Eastern Zone - Ken Crosby
    - Eastern Zone - Karen Carson
    - Western Zone - Dan Danforth

c. Host clubs and dates for

  • 2020 National Amateur - Nothern Ontario Retriever Association, proposed dates July 19-25
  • 2020 National - Manitoba Gun Dog Association, proposed dates September 14-19.

d. 2018 Judge Selection

  • National Amateur: Dan Danforth, Petter Muursepp, Scott Adams
  • National: Dave Wardle, Boyd Rutledge, Western Zone judge to be confirmed at a later date.

e. Sponsors Report - Mike Zelman, Corporate Sponsor Liaison, presented the report on the Corporate Sponsorship Program.

1.  Mark Laberge reported that no funds have been received from Garmin or Purina.

2.  A contract was signed with Canine Field Co to donate $1,000 to the 2019 National. Funds were received and a cheque was written to the 2019 National.

8. Recognize retiring directors:

  • British Columbia, Graham Tyler, Jane Spearing
  • Alberta, Gord Benn
  • Southern Ontario, Connie Swanson
  • Nova Scotia, Mike Zelman

Newly elected directors:

  • British Columbia, Susan Shearer, Jane Spearing
  • Alberta, Gord Benn
  • Southern Ontario, Connie Swanson
  • Nova Scotia, Mike Zelman

9. New Business

a. Motion by Dan Yeomans to skip Auditor for 2019. Seconded by Richard Dresser. Motion carried with 1 vote against.

b. Brought forward from the Floor - Suggestion to form a committee to investigate ways to promote our sport and come up with ideas on finding new sponsors. There were a number of attendees willing to be involved. Idea to be presented at the next Board of Directors meeting for approval and to ensure that interested persons from across Canada have the opportunity to get involved

10. Adjournment

Motion by Dan Danforth to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Murray Murphy. Motion carried. Dona Martin recorded the minutes.