Annual Meeting of Members Minutes

Saturday September 11, 2021 at 1:00 pm ET

1. Meeting Called to Order by Jim Andrew: 1:05 pm ET

Roll Call

  • Alberta Field Trial Club - Dan Danforth
  • Alberta Retriever Clubs Association - Dan Danforth
  • BC Amateur Field Trial Club - Sharon van der Lee
  • Brandon Retriever Club - Sharon van der Lee
  • Club du Chien Rapporteur de Québec - Jean Richardson
  • Delta Marsh Retriever Club - James Oake
  • Eastern Flyway Hunting Retriever Club - Jim Andrew
  • Eastern Ontario Retriever Club - Dona Martin
  • Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario - Darlene Broomhead
  • Logan Lake Retriever Club - Bill Kennedy for Daniel Snitka
  • Long Point Retriever Training Club - Darlene Broomhead
  • Manitoba Gun Dog Association - James Oake
  • North Bay & District Retriever Training Club - Jim Andrew
  • Northern Ontario Retriever Association - Richard Dresser
  • Ottawa Retriever Club - Dona Martin
  • Pine Ridge Retriever Club - Jim Ling
  • Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club - Dan Danforth
  • Saskatchewan Retriever Clubs Association - Laura Danforth
  • Saskatoon Retriever Club - Laura Danforth
  • South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club - Connie Swanson
  • Stampede City Retriever Club - Sharon van der Lee
  • Upper Island Retriever Club - Bill Kennedy for Daniel Snitka
  • Vancouver Island Retriever Club - Bill Kennedy for Daniel Snitka
  • Wild Rose Retriever Club - Laura Danforth
  • Winnipeg Field Trial Club - James Oake


  • BC Labrador Retriever Club (1995)
  • Club du Chien Rapporteur de Montreal
  • Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club
  • Labrador Owners Club
  • Moncton Retriever Club
  • Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club
  • Niagara Peninsula Retriever Training Club
  • Prince George Retriever Club
  • Sunpoke Hunting Retriever Club
  • Temiskaming Retriever Club
  • York Retriever Club

Other attendees:

  • Carrie Wenham
  • Dennis Harwood
  • Gerry Burmaster
  • Dave Gimmell
  • Donald Martin
  • Shirley Greener
  • David Broomhead
  • Ken Crosby

Meeting notes recorded by Laura Danforth

Roll Call

  • Quorum - NRCC Bylaws Section 4.03: 40% of members entitled to vote at the meeting o 25/36 = 69%

2. Adoption of the Agenda

  • Changed 2021 National Report - Marshal from Tom Sullivan to Dennis Harwood

Moved by Dan Danforth that the agenda be approved/seconded by Jim Ling All in favour. Motion carried.

3. Annual Meeting of Members Minutes

  • September 30, 2020 "2020 NRCC Annual Meeting of Members Meeting Minutes"
  • Posted on NRCC website: Minutes tab under Official Business tab "Wednesday September 30, 2020 via Teleconferencing".

Moved by Connie Swanson to accept the Meeting Minutes/seconded by James Oake All in favour. Motion carried.


a. Treasurer's Report

  • YE 2020 Financial Statements (approved by Directors February 17, 2021)
  • Refer to Financial Statements in Meeting Support Documents below

b. 2021 National Report

  • National Retriever Championship - Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario, Brighton ON o 2021 National Field Trial Committee FT Chairman - Dave Thompson
  • Marshal - Dennis Harwood
  • East Zone - Ken Crosby and Darlene Broomhead
  • West Zone - Dan Danforth

c. National Sponsors Report

  • 2021 National sponsors: Garmin, Purina, Kent, Dakota Creek, Canine Field Co
  • Following are not National sponsors this year: Zinger Winger, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Avery Sporting Dog

d. Other Reports - none


a. "Enhancement and Improvement of the Field Trial Sport Task Force Report" Action Item

  • Website/Facebook Improvement Committee Report o Chairman: Dan Danforth
  • Committee: Dona Martin, Karen Carson, Laura Danforth, (Jim Ling, Jim Andrew)
  • Committee is working on improving website to streamline information and improve functionality for users and develop a "retriever newbie" component.
  • Dona presented the dog profile proposal received from Retriever Results. Refer to proposal in Meeting Support Documents
  • Suggested content: how a retriever club becomes a CKC club.

b. National Retriever Championship Stake New Format

  • Refer to National Retriever Championship Stake New Format documents in Meeting Support Documents o Chairman: Dan Danforth
  • Committee: Darlene Broomhead, Doug Shepherd, Jane Spearing, Laura Danforth
  • Lengthy discussion on awarding NAFTC title.

Motion by Dona Martin (Ottawa Retriever Club/Eastern Ontario Retriever Club) to amend National Retriever Championship Stake New Format and associated CKC rule changes to award NAFTCH title in all cases/. No second to motion received. Motion was not considered.

  • To mitigate pressure on judges to award or not award the NAFTCH title when a professional handler wins, suggest the following revision of the National Finalist definition in NRCC guideline.
  • National Finalist definition in NRCC Guidelines/Hosting Nationals Procedures and Guidelines/Memorandum of Trial Procedures/Philosophy of the National Retriever trial is "finalists include all dogs called back to compete in the final series". Revise definition of a National Finalists to "the dogs completing the 10th series". This will make the decision to award the NAFTCH title clearer because the "top Amateur handled dog who has completed the 10th series of the National Retriever Championship stake" will be selected from the Finalists. "First place amateur" is awarded NAFTCH title.


a. NRCC Directors Election o Newly elected directors (by acclamation) for the next 3-year term

  • BC - Hope Roberts
  • AB - Dan Danforth
  • MB - Charlie Ross
  • ON - Jim Ling
  • NB - vacant
  • Thank you to retiring directors; Jim Swanson (BC) and Dan Yeomans (NB)

b. 2022 National Host Club Selection

Motion by Jim Ling for Long Point Retriever Training Club be the host club of the 2022 National Retriever Championship stake/second by Connie Swanson. All in favour. Motion carried

2022 National in Port Rowan, ON September 12-17, 2022

c. 2022 National Judges Selection:

  • West: Doug Shepherd
  • West: vacant
  • East: Jim Ling

d. National Host Club Schedule

  • 2023 West Zone
    Letter of Intent received June 2, 2021. Refer to Letter of Intent in Meeting Support Documents below.
    Manitoba Gun Dog Association
  • 2024 East Zone
  • 2025 West Zone
    Manitoba (James Oake property)

e. Selecting a Financial Auditor

Motion by Connie Swanson to forgo a financial audit this year/second by Dona Martin. All in favour. Motion carried.

f. 2021 National Marshall's Report - Dennis Harwood

  • Going well
  • Tests are set up
  • Judges getting along


a. Annual Meeting of Members Proposed Format

  • Zoom meeting so that all member clubs' Delegate or Proxy may attend.
  • To be held late September, not in conjunction with AMM as per Bylaw 4.08 Annual Meeting

Motion by Connie Swanson to proceed with changing the Annual Meeting of Members to a Zoom meeting to include delegate and proxy representatives from all clubs, to be held in January/seconded by Dan Danforth. All in favour. Motion carried.

ACTION ITEM: Change NRCC by-law 4.08 as per steps outlined in NRCC by-law 9.02

8. Adjournment: 2:45 pm


a. NOTE: YE2020 Financial Reports approved by Directors February 17, 2021

b. Proposal from Retriever Results to provide Dog Profiles (Dona)

One of the biggest uses of Retriever Results is the dog profile, something that includes a scorecard of career highlights, performance summary & detail, progeny (if any), pedigree information and a list of notable siblings. We would be pleased to make this information available to your members based on the following criteria.

  • Profiles of all dogs competing (and finished at least one CDN weekend event) during in the past 12-18 months (from the start of the prior year's competitive season through the end of current year's competitive season). This is approximately 350 dogs.
  • Includes all aspects of an RR profile: scorecard, summary, detail, progeny, pedigree, notables
  • Accessible via a dog name look up (similar to that used in the CDNReporting application) and created in a way so it can be put in a "frame" on the NRCC website
  • Dog lookup page requires users authenticate by email address and perhaps their CKC membership number as the password

Limitations and Exclusions

  • Unlike the full Retriever Results website there will be NO hyperlinks from the profile to any dogs, people or pro kennels that may be listed in the CDN profile
  • The following aspects of the RR website will be unavailable, e.g., Newsletters, Milestones, Events, Stud Dog search and profile, Test Breeding, as well as "free" RR pages, such as CDN National qualifiers.
  • The profile is limited to profiles of CDN dogs; profiles for people (breeder, handler, owners) and professional kennels are excluded.
  • Access will be limited to a list of NRCC members that you provide.
  • RR may add these email addresses to its marketing list, from which users can unsubscribe at any time.
  • As with all RR data, users will not be allowed to print or save profile reports.

What NRCC must provide

  • NRCC membership list in electronic format (with -- at a minimum -- email address, membership number, first name, last name, membership start and end date, cancellation date). RR will use this information to pre-populate the list on CDN Reporting.
  • NRCC will manage the list of authorized users through the CDN Reporting interface
  • NRCC will follow Canadian laws regarding privacy laws and inform RR of any additional requirements


  • Initial development: US $850
  • First year charge: US $875 (that's about $2.50/dog)
  • Year 2 and Ongoing: US $875 per year, assuming the number of competitive dogs stays within 10% of 350 dogs, i.e, 315-385, We'll adjust the price accordingly if the number falls above or below the targeted range.


  • 60 days from agreement


  • RR will monitor profile activity by account (this must be made explicit in NRCC/RRs privacy policy).
  • The service will allow unlimited profile access. Please note: A typical RR subscriber looks at 10-15 dog profiles a year. Some subscribers interested in breeding might have a short burst of activity and look at 25 profiles in a few days. If we find one or more NRCC accounts have extraordinary activity, we reserve the right to cancel or limit access for that account.

c. NOTE: National Retriever Championship Stake New Format approved by Directors March 16, 2021


  • National Field Trial Champion NFTCH. The National Field Trial Champion title, NFTCH, is awarded to the winner of the National Retriever Championship stake.
  • National Amateur Field Trial Champion NAFTCH . The National Amateur Field Trial Champion title, NAFTCH, is awarded to the top Amateur handled dog when the winner is handled by a Professional and the top Amateur handled dog completes the 10th series of the National Retriever Championship stake.
  • To honour the past National Amateur Field Trial Champions and maintain the integrity of the National Amateur Field Trial Champion title, no dog will receive both titles.



  • Judging procedure remains status quo.
  • At the end of the 10th series, prior to the judges' deliberations, the Field Trial Marshal will officially communicate to the judges the handler status, Professional or Amateur, of the finalists.
  • Judges will select a winner and a reserve to the winner.
  • When winner is handled by a Professional, the judges will select the top Amateur handled dog who has completed the 10th series and a reserve to the top Amateur handled dog. Reserve to the top Amateur handled dog must be handled by an Amateur and have completed the 10th series.