Saturday July 27, 2019

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Test 10 - Water Quad With 3 Retired Guns

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The 2019 Canadian National Amateur would like to thank our sponsors, Nestle-Purina the Official Sponsor of the Canadian National Open and Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championships, Official Dog Food Sponsor, Avery Sporting Dog for providing hats and jackets, Garmin official e-collar supplier. Garmin provides bibs and contibutes financially. Thank you as well to Ducks Unlimited Canada for their contribution towards the finalist gifts, Zinger Winger official remote launcher and holding supplier, and Delta Waterfowlers for supplying worker hats.
Final day of the 2019 National Amateur. The morning is overcast wuth a temperature of 17C, firecast to rise the 28C by late afternoon. The wind is 15-23 SW km/h. We have returned to the Kalbhen ranch for the 10th series. Thank you once again to Nestlé Purina for supplying breakfast to all the workers and competitors. The running line is close to the long left retired mark from the 4th test and the near shore of the pond is the right shoreline from the 6th series water blind. The lines to all of the marks, cross the line to the earlier water blind. The pond is surrounded by a border of cattails. A mixture of alfalfa nd grass cover the area around the running line. There is a rock island in the pond between the long middle left and the short middle right. The test is being run North, North East from a knoll on one side of the pond, across to a large hill on the other. The long left and middle right marks are close to the top of the hill and the short middle right and left marks are closer to the shore. All birds are thrown on land, across the pond. There are substantial swims so the test should take about a half hour per dog. The order of the guns is long right, long middle left, middle right and then left. Distances to the marks are; 331 yards to the long right, 256 yards to the middle right, 342 yards to the long middle left and 216 yards to the left go bird. Drake mallards are thrown for the 2 short marks and hen mallards are thrown for the 2 long marks. All gunners retire except for the go bird. The holding blinds for the retired gun stations are quite obvious against the homogenous sage covered hillside. A few small bushes have been placed on the hill side but don’t appear to be enough to distract the dogs.


Emmy & Marlene

To give you and the handlers an idea of what to expect from the dog work, a male and a female test dog are run. Male test dog was Blade with owner handler Colette Prefontaine. For the left hand go bird, Blade exited the pond in line with the gun station and corrected to go directly to the bird. Colette chose to send Blaade to the short middle right retired, second. Blade had a good intial line across the pond and then curled into the holding blind. He made a brief loop on the wrong side and then went directly to the bird. Blade was sent to the long right retired third. He took an initial line way right towards a point on the near shore and then popped. He was handled around the point and then cut across the pond and drove up the hill the the right side of the holding blind and then looped over to the left to get his bird. For the long middle left retired, Blade started off positively witha good line across the pond. He broke down beside the left hand visible gun station and had to be handled up the hill to the bird. Marlene and Emmy ran next. They had identical work to the male test dog. Good go bird and short middle right retired, popped and handled on near side point and broke down beside the left gun station when sent for the long middle left retired. The wind picked up significantly after the test dogs ran.


Owned by Sharon & John van der Lee / Handled by Sharon