Saturday July 14, 2018

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Test 10 - Water Quad With 3 Retired Guns

Updated: 4:47 pm
Test 10 got off to a slow start. The judges were concerned with the safety on one mark and decided to move their original test to the pond used in Test 7. The running line was on the opposite end of the pond, on the other side, running back towards the running line of Test 7. The long retired holding blind was just visible over top of the dike behind the point where the go bird from Test 7 was thrown. The go bird in Test 10 was a contrary throw from the end of the second point in Test 7, to the base where dogs exited on their way to the long retired in Test 7. After the heavy rain the night before, it was very humid and we had a heat warning in effect for the area. At noon it was already 25C rising to 28C by the end of the day. The wind was variable 9 km/h SW , coming down the pond left to right.
Test 10 was a water quad with 3 retired guns. All birds were thrown on land. A hen mallard was thrown at the right hand mark, and drakes were thrown at the other 3. The 2 right hand marks and the long left mark were thrown right to left. The go bird was a contrary bird thrown left to right from the end of the point to the base. Distances to the guns; right retired 144 yards, middle right retired 166 yards, middle left go bird 162 yards, and 242 yards for the long left retired.
The first dog #49 was called to line at 11:18 am. The test took between 25-30 minutes per dog.


Male test dog FTCH AFTCH Keys II owned and handled by Robert Wright. For Keys, the 2 outside birds landed with a splash. Keys took the obvious slot through the cover to the left of the gun station but corrected his line all the way to the bird. Robert chose to take out the right hand mark second and Keys string lined the bird. For the middle right retired, Keys crossed the water right of the holding blind and established his hunt on the right before heading left to the mark. For the long left retired, Keys took the same slot through the cover that he took for the go bird, which put him to the right of the gun station from the get go. He headed straight for the gunners for the go bird and had to be handled. Once he reached to dike he hunted between the go bird and the left gun station out of sight behind the dike and worked his way down the dike to the bird. Given the wind direction, he may have winded the bird.
Next up was FTCH AFTCH Dutchmans Creek Lady, owned and handled by Jim Andrew. For Lady, the judges decided to have no splash for the left mark but kept a splash on the right. Her right hand bird landed belly up in the water. For the go bird, Lady had an excellent line through the cover to her bird. Jim chose to take out the long left hand mark second. Lady took the same line through the cover up front but started correcting as if she was going to go around the point where the go bird gunners were sitting. However, she succumbed to temptation and caught the tip of the point and then had to handled off the point to the dike. She disappeared over the dike out of sight and eventually had to be handled again to the bird. Lady had a white belly up for the right hand mark so had an excellent mark. For the middle right retired, Lady had a good line across the pond and stepped on the bird. After Lady, the judges decided to have the right hand bird land in cover on land.
All dogs received fresh birds for all marks. There was no bird change, just gunners. The temperature rose to 29C in the shade. Way too hot in the sun. Thanks to Purina and Avery for providing shade tents for the judges and the gallery. The long left mark proved to be the most difficult by far. Many of the dogs did not far enough left to see the throw and got hung up on the left go bird on the way to the left mark. There were a few handles and big hunts and of course a few did the test. At the gunner change, the wind had switched from E to SW and everything in between. Dogs seemed to wind the left hand mark before reaching the far shore. Earlier dogs reached the shore and pur up substantial hints.
The guns went off for the last dog at 4:47 pm. should be another 25 minutes before we’re done. and then the waiting begins.


FTCH-AFTCH Pilkingtons Ruby Blues Day
Owned and Handled by Ken Crosby




Dog Name                                                                                                       
Windcrestrpmlegend Of The Past
Owners: Jim Dorobek & Roger Magnuson
Handler: Jim Dorobek

FTCH-AFTCH Baypoint's Hit And Miss
Owner / Handler: Lorraine Hare

FTCH-AFTCH Maxfly's Hanna Storm
Owner / Handler: Rick Cardinal

AFTCH Amarillo Bone Collector
Owner / Handler: Dave Wardle

FTCH-AFTCH High Mileage By Golly
Owners: Stan Hughes & Joan Van Damme
Handler: Stan Hughes

FTCH-AFTCH The Springwaters Mr Y Of Tamsu            
Owners: John Mairs & Lorraine Hare
Handler: Lorraine Hare

AFTCH Quackaddict Voo Doo Child JH
Owner: Al Custers
Handler: Connie Swanson

FC-AFC-FTCH Alexus - Pursuit Of Perfection
Owner / Handler: Lynn Kimball

FTCH-AFTCH Pilkingtons Ruby Blues Day
Owner / Handler: Ken Crosby

AFTCH Amarillo Diggin Up Bones
Owner / Handler: Dave Wardle

FTCH-AFTCH The Springwaters Rippin Reba
Owners: Gary & Chris Mason
Handler: Gary Mason

Luckydux Gave Her Momma Forty Quacks QFTR
Owner / Handler: Andy Carlson