Friday July 26, 2019

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Test 8 - Land Quad With 3 Retired Guns

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Updated: 12:25 pm
Another beautiful sunny day. Temperature to start is 14C with a forecast climbing to 28C. Hopefully we can get done with this test before it gets really hot. The test was shortened up before the test dogs were called to line out of concern for the dogs in the heat. With only 14 dogs to run, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Purina has generously sponsored breakfast for all the contestants and workers. Fresh fruit, pancakes, sausages and of course coffee. Thank you to out major sponsor Nestlé Purina, official dog dogg sponsore to the National and National Amateur.
For Test 8 we have returned to the same hay field where Test 1 was run. The line to the left hand gun station is directly due North and the wind is coming out of the South at 5-7 km/h. Round bales are scattered across the field. A swath of uncut grass run across the test. The left, middle left and long middle right are all thrown right to left. The short right go bird is thrown out of the test from left to right. Distances to the marks are; left 249 yards, middle left 172 yrds, long middle right 295 yards and the right hand go bird is 90 yards. The middle left shoots first, long middle right 2nd, left 3rd, and the big swing over the the right for the last. Rooster pheasants are thrown for the 2 outside marks and drake mallards are thrown for the 2 inside marks. The right hand go bird is thrown angled back left to right to land in front of the high cover of the slough. The middle left check down bird is thrown right to left to land in the high cover of the slough. The long middle right bird is thrown right to left into the hedgerow cover. The line to that bird is through the heavy cover of the slough, to the right of the middle left holding blind. The left hand bird is also throw right to left into an island of high grass interspersed with poplar trees.


We had a change of test dogs for this morning. First up was male test dog Tia's Ebony Pirate Blade, owned and handled by Colette Prefontaine. The descriptions of how the test dogs do is meant to give you and idea of what to expect from the running dogs. This is not always the case when conditions chane, lighting, wind, scent, drag back scent can all change dramatically as the test progresses. For the go bird on the right, Blade had an excellent line to the mark, jumped over the bird into the high cover and immediately recovered to pick up the bird. Colette chose to send Blade for the left retired second. Blade had an excellent line to the bird, jumped in the cover and came back with the bird. The handler cannot see the dog in the high grass surrounding the bird. For Blade’s thrid bird, he headed out on a line to the long right mark, but broke down in the high grass in the slough to the right of the middle left gun station. He put up a substatial hunt on the wrong side of the middle left gun station before hunting his way to the bird. Having used up his line to the long middle right mark, Blade took a line wide and to the right of the long middle right gun station. He hunted short infront of the cover and not wide enough to get the bird before dissappearing into the cover along the hedgerow and coming out with the bird. Next up was FTCH AFTCH Grousebusters No Fear No Mercy, owned and handled by Lois Aitken. Lois was asked to try to pick up the middle left retired second. Mercy had an excellent go bird. Lois sent Mercy for the middle left retired but Mercy wanted nothing to do with that and went for the long middle right retired. She entered the cover under the arc, and hunted over to to the bird. When resent for the middle left, Mercy wanted to get the left bird, so she started heading for the middle left and very quickly changed her line to head wrong side of the island of cover of the left hand mark. Mercy hunted deep of the island out of sight and then appeared going across the gap between the island and the slough. She eventually worked it out. When she was sent for the middle left for the third time, she took a line just to the left of the bird as she entered the cover in the slough. She went a little deep and the came back into retriever her bird. It will be interesting to see how the test evolves for the running dogs.
Scenes from the Gallery

Burgers for lunch

Callbacks: 12 dogs were called back to the 9th series. Dogs called back; 2,4,8,9,12,14,21,26,29,34,35,37. Dogs not called back 1,23. Test 9 will be a water blind with dog 9 starting.

Test 9 - Waterblind

Updated: 4:45
The water blind is being run from the top of a hill, downhill with a slight left to right slope, crossing a road at 32 yards, entering the water at 60 yards, through a border of cattails. The dog then must skim past a point on the right at 116 yards, and then a point on the left to the bird at 160 yards. There ate very high cattails on both points. The left hand mark from the 7th series was behind the right hand point. A few decoys are now strategically placed in the area wher the bird landed. The is a high dirt bank to the right and behind the blind on the far shore. The bird is placed at the shore. It is 26C, sunny witha slight breeze from the south at 11-17 km/h. The sun is behind the handler and could be an issue with the later dogs. The shortest route is straight across to the first point into the cattails.


Male test dog was once again Blade with Colette at the helm.. Blade needed one whistle before the water because he fell off the hill a bit and Colette wanted him to enter the water on line. He had a few whisltes across to the first point and then took the cast at the point all the way to the far shore, just right of the bird. Colette stopped him and put him on the bird. It was romping water from the first point to the bird. Next up was Marlene with Emmy. Marlene gave Emmy a whistle near the shore to put her on line because she was entering a bit fat. Emmy took her cast to heart so she needed another whistle immediately to put her on line. She had a few casts to the point so she didn’t take too much. She took a good cast to skim the point. Marlene was asked to blow her whistle while Emmy was in the romping water to see if she could hear it. She did. And then finished the blind.
Blade & Colette


Handlers planning they’re route

The Judges are in the Drivers Seat

The last dog came off line at 4:30. Now to Headquarters to wait for callbacks and to announce the Finalists.
Callbacks: 9 dogs were called back to the 10th series. Dogs called back are: 2,4,8,9,12,14,21,26,37. Dogs not called back 29,34,35. Dog 21 will start the Test 10 which is planned as a Water Quad.

And the Finalists are ...

Dog Name                                                                                          
Licensed To Carry
Merrisa Hewitt Rossi
Merrisa Hewitt Rossi
FTCH AFTCH One More Round
Jim & Sherrylyn Swanson
Jim Swanson
FTCH AFTCH Wingbusters Alabama Slamma
Thomas K & Margaret Murray
Marg Murray
Roux's Jambalaya Crawfish Pie File' Gumbo
Ellen Mcneill
Ellen Mcneill
NFTCH AFTCH FC Taylorlab's Sweet Cheeks
Garry & Sue Taylor
Sue Taylor
FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Pekisko's Ironman
John & Sharon van der Lee
Sharon van der Lee
FTCH AFTCH Wingbusters Quiet Elegance
Thomas K & Margaret Murray
Marg Murray
FTCH AFTCH Pekisko's Black And Blue
John & Sharon van der Lee
John van der Lee
FTCH AFTCH Ram River Rainbow Royale
Daniel Danforth
Dan Danforth