Monday July 9, 2018

Updated: 4:30 pm
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Test 2 - Land Triple With a Retired Gun and Honor

Updated: 1:50 pm
Day 2 started off sunny, not a cloud in the sky and a perfect temperature of 22C but the forecast was fora very hot 28C. We were parked in a hay field with no shade except for under the tents from Purina and Avery. If it wasn’t for the breeze 23 km/hr SW providing some relief it would already be hot in the sun. Monday’s breakfast was sponsored by Al and Lou Moroz. Every day the contestants were treated to a hot breakfast sponsored by a different group. Sunday breakfast was sponsored by the South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club.
Test 2 was a land triple with 1 retired gun and an honor. The cut hay field sloped from right to left across the test. The left hand gun station was situated along a point of cover coming from the left into the test. There was a large point of cover to the right on the way the the centre retired mark and a wedge of cover right in front of the line. Dense mixed bush surrounded the field. The order of the guns was long centre retired, left and then the right go bird. The centre mark at 282 yards was thrown left to right along the treeline between a road that traveled along the treeline and the cover. To start, the gunners and the bird were in shadows. The left mark at 198 yards was thrown into the test from left to right into a dense hedgerow with lots of field behind. The go bird to the right was thrown into the test from right to left along the tree line into heavy cover. A hen mallard was thrown for the go bird and the other marks were drakes.


First up was male test dog, Hootie, handled by Shirley Greener. For the go bird, Hootie went right into the cover and came back with the bird. Hootie did pretty much the same thing for the left mark, into the cover and came back with the bird. The dog could be seen during it’s hunt if it back sided the gun station or hunted behind the point of cover that the bird was thrown into. For the long centre retired bird, Hootie started off in line or slightly to the left of the gun station. When he got into the large point of cover he hung a left and had to be handled out of the fall area of the left hand mark. When the test dogs ran, the gunners and the bird throw for the centre retired mark were in shadows so that the bird was hardly visible. Female test dog was once again, Rogue, handled by Kevin Riddell. Rogue went right in on the go bird. She was headed at the gun station for the left mark but went through the hedgerow behind, and hunted out of sight before appearing in the field hunting deep of the point of cover that the bird was thrown into. For the centre retired, Rogue cheated the large point of cover which put her into no man’s land in the middle of the field. She also had to be handled to the bird. A 3rd test dog was requested and white flagging tape was added to the bird on the long middle retired. As the sun came around the gunners and the bird were be in sun and were highly visible. FTCH-AFTCH Dutchmans Creek Lady owned by Jim & Shiela Andrew and handled by Jim came to line to run the test with ribbon on the centre mark. Lady had a tight hunt in the cover for the go bird. She went backside of the left hand gun station through the hedge and hunted her way over to the bird. For the centre mark, Lady went through the cover, under the arc and had an intelligent hunt in the area before picking up the bird. With the wedge of cover in front of the line, it is important for the dog to start with a good intial line through the cover or reestablish their line if they cheated.
Jim and Lady

Kevin & Rogue

Handlers on line

Rogue Gallery

Callbacks: All dogs were called back to the 3rd series. Test 3 will be a land blind and dog 20 will start.

Test 3 - Land Blind

Updated: 4:30 pm
Test 3 was a land blind crossing the lines to the right and centre marks. There was a strong crosswind from left to right. One of the judges placed a drawing in the holding blind indicating the line to the blind that went between the right cover that the go bird was thrown into and the line to the centre mark, and the point of cover that the left mark was thrown into. Dogs wanting to jump into the cover on the right had a tough time casting into the wind. The holding blind where the bird planter was hidden, was easily picked out from line but was significantly off line to the right. There was a flock of goose decoys to the right of the holding blind. A drake mallard was planted in front of a small bush at 214 yards. The temperature rose to 26C but didn’t feel that hot with the wind.


First test dog to line was Hootie, handled by Jim Andrew. Hootie started out heading for the right hand cover and needed a number of left hand casts into the wind. When he got to the gap between the points of cover he flared right and needed a left cast which he took behind the left point but quicly recovered and had one more whistle to the bird. Next up was female test dog Rogue with Kevin Riddell. Rogue started out heading for the cover on the right and wouldn’t take her casts to stay out. She disappeared into the cover and couldn’t be seen until she was in the field heading for the goose decoys. A third test dog, Lady handled by Jim Andrew also headed into the cover and was recalled. She did OK on her second try.
Handlers viewing the line

Callbacks: 42 dogs were called back to the 4th series. Dogs 7 and 31 were not called back. Dog 32 will start the 4th which is planned to be water marks.