Monday July 22, 2019

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Hosted by the National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin


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Test 1 - Land Triple With a Retired Gun

Updated 12:10 pm
Welcome to the running of the 2019 National Amateur hosted by the Alberta Field Trial Club in Keoma Alberta. As is the tradition at our Canadian Nationals, the signaling paddled is passed on from one event to the next. On behalf of the 2018 National, Doug Shepherd Chief Marshal, passes the paddle to tone of the 2019 National Amateur judges, Nolan Nelkenbrecher.

Couldn’t ask for a nicer day to start the event. The skies are sunny and clear. The temperature is 11C which is a welcome change from the heat wave the rest of the country is experiencing. The high today is forecast to reach 25C. There is a breeze at 12 km/h out of the South. The test is wide open and run mostly down wind with a slight crosswind from right to left. The marks are thrown in a cut hay field with round bales dotting the landscape and bright yellow canola fields in the background. There is a large uncut island of cover in the middle of the test. However, the lines to the marks do not require the dogs to go through the high grass. The left hand go bird lands at the front edge of the cover, and the line to the middle bird skims the right side of the island of cover. The order of the guns is counterclockwise from right to left. The right hand gunners retire. The go bird is a hen mallard and the other 2 marks are both drakes. The 2 outside birds are thrown into the test and the middle bird is thrown left to right so that the middle and right birds are converging. Distances to the marks are 245 yards to the right hand bird, 279 yards to the middle bird and 119 yards to the left hand go bird.


Marlene & Herbie

Honorary Test dog, FTCH AFTCH Telgar’s Herbie Fully Loaded is owned by Marlene and Gord Benn and handled by Marlene. Herbie showed the young whipper snappers how it is done and went directly to his bird. First up was female test dog FTCH Club Mead’s Rebel’s Ms Ruby MH, owned by Stu and Diana Mead and handled by Diana. Diana chose to send Ruby for the middle standout bird second and had a very good mark. For the right hand mark, Ruby clean hooked the gun station and went directly to the bird. Next up was male test dog Storm Warnings Hellor High Water QFTR owned by Dan & Laura Danforth and handled by Laura. Zap had an excellent go bird. Laura opted to pick up the right hand retired second. Zap took a wide line to the left and initiated his hunt short and to the left before working his way back to the bird. For the middle bird, Zap ran at the guns but corrected to the bird for a very good mark.
Laura & Zap

Diana & Ruby

As the test progresses the wind has picked up enough to be a factor on the right and center marks. Dogs are drifting backside on the center mark and wide left on the right hand mark. Few dogs have been on the proper side of the gun approaching the middle mark. Some dogs think they are supposed to get in the cover on the way to the middle bird. you can see that before they are even sent. For the right hand bird the dogs need to be deep before they wind the bird from the left. The hay bales appear to be more of a factor on the right hand mark, with some dogs initiating their hunt short around the first bale they encounter.

Callbacks: All dogs were called back to the 2nd series which will be a Land Blind in the same field as Test 1. Dog 26 starts.

Test 2 - Land Blind

Updated 6:15 pm
Test 2 is a land blind in the same field as Test 1. The mat has been moved about 80 yards to the left and slightly foraward. The line to the blind is between the right and middle marks, with a crosswind coming off the right hand mark. The 3 hay bales on the right indicate where the right hand gun station and mark were. The field slopes right to left up front with some undulations along the way. A drake mallard is planted in front of a lone hay bale at the brow of the hill. Distance to the blind is 276 yards. The bird planters are hidden over the brow of the hill in a cluster of trees. They are using an ATV to facilitate a quick plant.


First up to run was female test dog Ruby, handled by Diana. Ruby had a very good blind with a few whistles to keep her on line. Male test dog Zap started out tight to line but showed the handlers to major pitfall of the blind when he winded the right hand fall. He was wide to the right and ended up going wider. Laura had to whislte him in to gain control and handle to the bird.
Marshals - Doug Shepherd & Rick Regamble

Judges - Barry Grundy, Chris Mason, & Nolan Nelkenbrecher

Generally the work was similar with dogs getting the the left of line and needing a few whistles and casts into the wind to get on line. The scent coming off the right hand fall area didn’t seem to be as big a hazard as was first anticipated. The last dog came off line at 3:00 pm so we are heading back to Headquarters for callbacks and a little relaxation and socializing.
Callbacks: 31 dogs were called back to the 3rd series. Dog 24 was not called back. Test 3 is planned as a water triple at Kalbhen’s. Use the south entrance. Caravan leaves Headquarters at 7:00 am and the route will be signed from Headquarters. Dog 35 starts. Bulrush Budlight of Nighthaven receives an I Ran First hand towel, embroidered by Lisa Williams and a Kong Wubby. Kong Company generously donated some of their products to be given out with the I Ran First towels.