Thursday July 12, 2018

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Test 7- Water Triple with 2 Retired Guns

Updated: 8:52 pm
Contestants awoke to another clear sunny day. Starting temperature 16C with barely a whisper of a breeze at 9 km/h SE but there were no ripples on the pond. The wind picked up later as the temperatures rose to a forecasted high of 30C. For our American friends that is 87F. Thank you to the Northern Ontario Retriever Association for sponsoring the breakfast. As well, thank you to landowner John Hyatt for allowing the National Amateur to be held on his property. He is not a field trialer or a member of the host club but generously allowed the National to use his land and water.
Test 7 was a water triple with 2 retired guns and an in your face go bird that was thrown into the test, very tight to the line to the long middle retired. A hen mallard was thrown from the shore out onto the front side of a point in mud. Sometimes a bit of a splash, sometimes not. The line to the go bird was through 8-10 decoys. The order of the guns was, centre retired 272 yards, then right retired at 150 yards and finally the go bird at 68 yards. The centre retired threw angled back from left to right and retired behind a large spruce tree in a bush hogged hay field. The line to the centre retired was over the point and very tight to where the go bird was thrown. The right hand retired gun station was about half way out on a point coming into the pond from the far shore. The bird was thrown right to left into the test, landing on the end of the point. There was a structure that looked like a holding blind on the far shore deep and to the left of the right hand mark. Parking was limited with the trucks parked about 30 yards from the short gun station. Every effort wasmade to avoid interference with the test.


Male test dog Jaeger ran first. He had an excellent go bird. On the right hand retired, he squared the pond putting him a long way right when he reached shore and hunted back in the woods out of sight for a long time. He eventually worked his way out the point to the bird. For the centre retired, Jaeger started out heading for the middle of the pond. He went around the first point and curled into the second point where he ran down the point and out into the field under the arc to the bird. There was a low area behind 2 mounds on the way the the centre bird where the dogs were out of sight for a significant amount of time. Next up was female test dog Lady. Lady also had an excellent go bird. Lady took the middle retired out second. She also swam around the first point and curled into the second point where she broke down and had to be handled. She then wanted to head for the treeline left of the gun station and took a number of whistles to get to the area. Once she was in the area Jim let her hunt to show the handlers where she would wind the bird. She had a big hunt short and on both sides of the gun station before going deep to pick up the bird. For the right retired, she started off heading for the holding blind but gradually faded into the centre of the pond and had to be handled.
As the test progressed, the wind switched and picked up. The wind came into the test down the pond from right to left. It became really hard to get by the right hand bird.
Pretty Crowded

Callbacks: 27 dogs were called back to the 8th series. Dogs not called back; 1, 11, 21, 22, 25, 27, 30, 39. Dog 23 will start. Test 8 is planned as a water blind.