Wednesday July 24, 2019

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Test 4 - Land Triple With 1 Retired and an Honour

Updated: 5:45 pm
For the 4th series we are back on the expansive Kalbhen ranch. Their generosity in allowing us to use their property is extremely appreciated. The test is being run from the top of a hill covered in pungent sage. I wonder how much that affects the dogs scenting ability. The mat faces West, over top of the center go bird. There are 2 prominent feeder shelters in the middle of the test deep and to the left of the short middle bird with a dirt path going across the test between the feeders. We’ll see how they factor into the test. A ditch runs behind the centre mark and across the test following the base of the hill. Tall marsh grass surrounds the ditch on either side. The field beyond is a mix of grazed grass and clumps of alfalfa. The cover is quite high to all the birds.

The order of the guns is right retired at 341 yards, left long at 370 yards and a short middle go bird at 142 yards. The left and right marks are drake mallards, and the middle go bird is a rooster pheasant. All birds are thrown right to left. The rooster is thrown in high marsh grass in front of the ditch and the dogs must be right on top of it to wind it. The wind is coming into the test at 22 km/h W. The long left remains visible and the right hand gunners retire. Conditions are sunny with scattered clouds. The wind is forecast to pick up significantly as the morning progresses.


For the test dogs, both long guns retired. First up with female test dog was Peggy Gardiner with Rose. Rose had a good go bird. She was sent for the left mark second and ended up hunting the left shelter before hunting her way back to the long left mark. Rose to a line to the right of the right hand gun station and hunted just right, before going to the bird. Next up was Zap with Laura handling. Zap had an excellent go bird. Laura sent Zap for the right hand mark second and he curled around the back of the short gun station heading for the right hand shelter and had to be handled. For the left mark, Zap headed for the left shelter and was handled and then helped to the bird. The judges decided not to retire the left mark at that point.
The wind is picking up and dogs are really having to fight the wind and the wall of cover in the slough on the way to the right hand mark. Once the dog leaves the mat the cover is so high through the slough and out into the field that it is easy for the dogs to lose their bearings. The dogs get bouncing through the high cover to try and see where they are going. The feeder shelters have proven to be an influence in the test as has the road between them.
The wind in now 65 km/h and is so strong that the tents were taken down even though they had been anchored and strapped down. There are white caps on the pond behind that line. Dogs are being pushed way right on both the left and right marks and are getting wind saves from 100 - 150 yards away, With 4 dogs to run the judges called a wind delay.
The last dog finished running at 3:00 pm. Looks like Test 4 will be the only series run today. This will give a chance for all of the workers to finish up and be able to enjoy themselves at the Workers’ Party. Callbacks will be given there.
Callbacks: 23 dogs were called back to the 5th series. Dogs called back; 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,12,14,16,21,23,25,26,28,29,30,31,34,35,36,37,38. The 5 dogs not called back were; 5,18,19,22,27. The 5th series will be a land blind with dog 12 starting.

Workers’ Party

And what a party. Sponsored by Element Technical Services and catered by by All Seasons Pig Roast and Catering. Dinner was good down home cookin with roast pig and all the trimmings.

After dinner we had a big time with the Gunfighter Western Stunt Club entertaining us with a good ole fashion shoot em up. Dan Vaughan was abducted by gunslingers for stealinga horse and was going to be hanged until the sheriff stepped in to save him and shoot all of the bad guys. Great entertainment.
Horse Thief

Gun Slingers

The Hanging Tree

The Undertaker

Marshals Doug Shepherd, Rick Regamble, David Danforth,


Starting off with Field Trial Chair, Dan Danforth thanking everyone who participated in making this National Amateur a success. I mean everybody. It takes a village. Starting with the landowner who generously allowed us to use their land. Thank you to John & Madonna Kalbhen, Ken & Lorna Usselman, and the Mountainview Hutterite Colony. Dan thanked all of the club members, field trialers from all over Alberta and British Columbia, contestants and spouses of contestants that helped with setup, deorating the hall, hospitality, lunches, meals, Silent Auction, or gunned and threw. NRCC pins were presented to each and every worker present. And a special thanks the Dan & Laura Danforth for their hard work in the front lines and behind the scenes.
A special thank you to our sponsors and local contributors to the Silent Auction. Thank you to Purina, Avery Sporting Dog, Garmin, Zinger Winger, Kent Cartridge and Ducks Unlimited, and local contributors Glenn & Ilham Norton, Tyler Evans and Kevin Cheff. Sharon van der Lee won the Pro 550 collar donated by Garmin. Zinger Winger holding blind and winger were big money earners in the Silent Auction as were numerous art pieces donated by field trialers and club members. Thank you.
Silent Auction

Xavier - Hired for the week by Glenn Norton