Wednesday July 11, 2018

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Hosted by the National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin

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Test 5 - Water Blind

Updated: 10:20 am
Wednesday was a beautiful morning. Sunny, 12C with a slight breeze North 5 km/h, forcast to get up to 26C. Thankfully the wind will picked up a bit and kept us from wilting. Breakfast was sponsored by Windcrest Kennels, Gary and Chris Mason. Thank you.
Test 5 was a 165 yard water blind running through the same ponds as Test 4, but from the opposite side, from behind the left hand mark. The same 2 ponds from Test 4 were in play with the line to the blind catching a corner of the first pond, crossing the land between the ponds that so many dogs ran down, catching a corner of the second pond up to the treeline and the running line from Test 1.


First up was Male test dog, Jaeger owned and handled by Steve Patterson. Jaeger needed a few whistles negotiating the 2 ponds to keep him on line. To begin, the end of the blind was in shadows but Jaeger being yellow was easily seen. Next up was Female Test Dog Lady owned and handled by Jim Andrew. Lady needed only 2 whistles to get to the end of the blind but being black was not visible around the blind.
Handlers Sizing Up The Test

For the most part, the dogs did the test but some of the early dogs got lost in the shadows at the end. The bush where the bird is planted is in the sun now. Although the wind indicated it was from the North, however, the dogs were winding the blind from the North side, so it must have been swirling against the treeline. There were a number of dogs that missed rentering the water in the 2nd pond.
Callbacks: 38 dogs called back to the 6th series. Dogs not called back; 6, 26, 37. Test 6 is planned as a Double land blind. Dog 52 starts.

Test 6 - Double Land Blind

Updated: 2:10 pm

Test 6 was a double land blind set in a cut hay field dotted with round bales. Thank you to landowners Ben & Audrey Hughes. Because the mats were getting too hot in the sun, flagging tape was used to indicate the running line. The first blind to be run was from the left running spot to the right hand blind which was 268 yards. The first blind was the longer of the two and was a no picture blind with an island of cover up front. The dog had to negotiate through a tight corridor between hay bales at about 3/4 of the way out. The wind was coming across the test from left to right and there was a point where the dogs could wind the short blind on the left and the holding blind where the bird planters were hidden in the treeline half way between the blinds. The short blind was hot when the long blind was run. The handler moved to the right about 10 yards to run the second blind which was 226 yards long. There was an island of heavy cover in the middle of the blind and some hay bale goal posts that needed to be negotiated near the end. Ducks were planted at each blind. 



First up were Lady and Jim. For the right hand blind, Lady took her initial line through the cover and with a few whistles, stayed in control to the blind. For the left blind, Lady started off well, but went left and missed the line through the hay bales. Next up was male test dog Jaeger with owner Steve Patterson handling. For the right blind, Jaeger started off right of line and missed the cover up front. About 2/3 of the way to the blind, he got left of line and winded the holding blind for the bird planters and Steve had a hard time handling to the bird. For the 2nd blind Jaeger did a much better job and handled through the hay bales at the end.
The wind picked up from earlier in the day to W 8 km/h. The temperature rose to 25C but didn’t feel that hot with the breeze. There was no shade except for the Purina and Avery tents. Gratefully appreciated. Each day there was a raffle for all the workers. The big prize each night was a bag of Purina dog food, donated by Purina.
Callbacks: 35 dogs were called back to the 7th series. Dogs 3, 5, 47 were not called back. Test 7 is palnned to be a water triple with dog 12 starting.

Workers Party

The Workers Party was a fish fry sponsored by Dan & Gloria DeVos from Baypoint Kennels. And what a great fish fry. Serge Losier fried up a huge stack of perch and potatoes. There was more than enough for seconds and some thirds. Dessert was Shiela’s pies. Excellent. Nobody went home hungry.
After everyone was stuffed, Field Trial Chair Hubert Shank presented the workers with NRCC pins, a token of our appreciation. Without the volunteers that take time away from work to help out, these events would not be possible. A number of Ontario Pros also took time away from training to give back to the Amateurs who are their clients. Thank you, Gun Captain, Lorne Langevin, Dave Thompson and Carl Clark. A big thank you goes out to club members, Jim and Shiela Andrew, a driving force behind hosting this National Amateur. As well, thank you to Bill and Carol Fleming, Chief Marshal Heather Stewart, Field Trial Secretary Shirley Greener, Facebook Communications, Karen Carson, Sponsorship Advertizing Coordinator Kevin Riddell, Traffic Coordinators Dave & Donna Wardle, Dona Martin NRCC Communications Officer. Many club members and friends worked behind the scenes leading up to and during the event. Thank you to club President Tanya Andrew, fish fryer extraordinaire Serge Losier, Jim & Pat Barber, Ron Burns, Brian & Brent Samis, Lorraine Hare, Kirtis Cardl, Lou Moroz, Jason Allen. Thank you to Don & Diane from Arnstein Equipment for the generous use the the John Deer Gators for setup and gun changes.
After worker acknowlegements, items from the silent auction were drawn. A huge thank you to our sponsors and patrons, Avery Sporting Dog, Zinger Winger, Garmin, Golden Lake Garments, Retrievers Online, Gunner Kennels, Handmade K9 Leads, Ramps Up, and many more local businesses.
A Hungry Crowd

Traffic Cops

Having a Good Time

Enjoying the Company

Time to Relax

Thanking the Workers

Cookin Up the Fish

Singing Up a Storm