Saturday September 16, 2017

Updated: 12:55 pm
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Test 10 - Water Quad With 2 Retired Guns

Updated: 12:55 pm
Welcome to the last series of the 2017 National. Couldn’t ask for a better day. Not a cloud in the sky, 22C to start, and a lot hotter in the afternoon. There were 2 ponds separated by a dyke, surrounded by corn on one side and maples around the rest. The maples across the ponds were just starting to change colour. There was a slight breeze 4 km/h S. The ponds basically runs North/South so the wind was coming straight down the pond angling from left to right across the test.
The running line was backed up from the ponds about 30 yards. If a dog was so inclined to cheat the water, it was only possible for the go bird. All of the other marks were on the other side of the ponds. The go bird was the only bird that landed in the water. All of the others landed on shore in heavy mixed cover.The the 2 long centre guns retired. The order of the guns was centre left retired, then centre right retired, then right and finally left go bird. Distances to the marks were; 76 yards left hand go bird, 295 yards centre left retired, 255 yards centre right retired and 105 yards right. Hen mallards were thrown for all 4 birds. All of the birds except the right centre retired were thrown left to right. The centre right retired bird was thrown very tight angled back from right to left over the heads of the gunners. The go bird was thrown flat into the first pond to a bush at the base of the dyke. The right hand bird was thrown behind a big bush on the far shore of the first pond. The centre 2 long retired marks were converging throws across the dyke to the far end of the second pond. Dogs were out of sight for a considerable length of time before they reappeared after crossing the dyke.


Got off to a late start. Lighting wasn’t good at the beginning of the morning with a few foggy patches in the valley where the test is being run. Test dogs ran around 10:00 am. We have a change in test dogs for today. Female test dog for the last series is FTCH-AFTCH Mjolnir Rip Roarin To Davadar, owned by Dave and Darlene Broomhead and handled by Darlene. Rory had a good left hand go bird. Darlene chose to take out the right hand visible second. Rory started off right of the mark, but corrected when she go to the far shore and landed under the arc. After a brief hunt on land she got back in the water, hunted there and then back on land and hunted the cover to the bird. Next, Darlene sent Rory for the centre right retired. Rory started on a line considerably right of the gun station and ended up hunting along the shore in the water before being handled up hill to the bird. For the centre left mark, Rory held an excellent line through the first pond, over the dyke and across the 2nd pond. At the point she curled behind and was out of sight before showing up at the centre right hand mark and was handled to the bird. Male test dog is AFTCH Windcrest's Game On, owned by Bill & Connie Swanson. Ely had a good go bird and went directly to the bird on the right hand mark. For the centre right retired, Ely started out slightly right of the line to the gun station. Ely was out of sight for a long time on the backside of the dyke before he reappeared on a good line across the pond. He briefly hunted the shore before working his way up hill to the bird. For the centre left retired, Ely took an initial line that was aiming directly at the point between the right and left centre marks. He faded right, getting on the point and driving up hill behind the bush near the centre right mark. He hunted his way into the old fall before being handled to the bird. Both test dogs gave the handlers a good idea of what to expect on the marks. Tough marks down the middle that challenge the marking ability and courage of the dogs.

2017 Winner
National Retriever Championship
NFTCH FTCH A J Top Cruisin With The Pirate


        Owned by Tom Sullivan and Handled by David Thompson



Handlers Left to Right: Lorne Langevin, Sharon Van Der Lee, John Van Der Lee, David Thompson, Andy Carlson, Bill Kennedy, Dave Broomhead, Marg Murray.

Dog Name                                                                                     
Owner: Bob Wright
Handler: Lorne Langevin

FC-AFC-FTCH-AFTCH Pekisko's Ironman
Owner: John & Sharon Van Der Lee
Handler: Sharon Van Der Lee

FTCH A J Top Cruisin With The Pirate
Owner: Tom Sullivan
Handler: David Thompson

FTCH-AFTCH She:Kon Cranky Warrior
Owner: Jim Green
Handler: David thompson

Pekisko's Black And Blue
Owner: John & Sharon Van Der Lee
Handler: John Van Der Lee

Luckydux Gave Her Momma Forty Quacks
Owner / Handler: Andy Carlson

Renegade's Highlight Reel
Owner / Handler: Bill Kennedy

FTCH-AFTCH Luckydux Drakehaven Hot Ticket
Owner / Handler: Andy Carlson

Frr's Ray Of Sunshine
Owner: Darlene & David Broomhead
Handler: Dave Broomhead

QFTR Wingbusters Alabama Slamma
Owner: Thomas & Margaret Murray
Handler: Marg Murray