Friday September 14, 2018

Updated: 5:30 pm

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Test 7 (Continued)

Test 7 continues this morning with 8 dogs that have already run, and 13 still to run. It is overcast with a temperature of -3C. There is barely a breeze 8 km/h SE and appeared to be swirling as the test dog ran. Yesterday the wind was 10 km/h N. More importantly, it is not snowing and visibility has improved from yesterday. The test dog this morning is Ramblin Rose XI QA2, owned by Harry Bennetts and handled by Sharon van der Lee. Rosy was called to line at 8:00 am. She went under the arc of the go bird and went directly over to the bird. For the right hand boat bird, Rosy took too much of the first pond which took her backside of the boat and into heavy cover where she went out of sight. When she reappeared, Sharon had to handle her to the bird. For the long middle retired, Rosy had a good line through the first and second ponds. She then took a line to the road that is to the left of the bird and then hooked over to the mark. The road is far more prominent this morning than yesterday, because the snow has melted on the dark ground, and the bush that was so attractive on the way the middle retired, seems to blend in to the landscape. Dog 38 was called to line at 8:20 am.
At 10:30 we are having the last gunner change. In general the work has been better today than yesterday but that’s not to say the judges aren’t getting answers. Luckily the gallery is sheltered from the wind while watching the test from the comfort of the Mead back porch.

Callbacks: 13 dogs were called back to the 8th series. Dogs called back; 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 21, 26, 27, 28, 32, 33, 42. Dogs not called back; 5, 7, 8, 20, 22, 30, 31, 34. Test 8 will be a land quad.

Test 8 - Land Quad With 2 Retired Guns & an Honour

Test 8 is a land quad with the 2 centre marks retired. The honour mat is to the left of the line. Rooster pheasants are thrown at all 4 stations. Order of the guns is centre left retired, centre right retired, right and the go bird is on the left. Distances to the marks are; 85 yards to the left, 365 yards to the centre left, 216 yards to the centre right and 340 yards to the right hand mark, White tape has been added to the 2 long marks to improve visibility against a dark background. The is a gunner in Black and 1 in White at the left, centre left and right hand marks. The gunners at the centre right mark are both in White. With the snow on the ground, there is a lot of white in the field, making it difficult for the dogs to pick out the gunners. The wind is coming in from the right hand gun station 16 km/h SE.


Ron and Max were up first. Max went directly to the go bird. Next he headed wide right of the right centre retired gun, and ended up hunting left of the right hand gun station before working his way over to the bird. Max had a very good right retired and went straight to the bird. For the long left centre retired, Max headed back to the right retired and had to be handled. He carried the cast a long way through the cover but was upwind and had to be handled to the bird. Female test dog was FTCH AFTCH Grousebusters No Fear No Mercy, owned and handled by Lois Aitken. Mercy stepped on the left go bird, Next she headed for the long centre left retired and broke down at the edge of the heavy cover but worked it out and drove back, left of where the gunners stood, and then to the bird. For the centre right retired, Mercy started out heading for the gun station and faded further left. She hunted in the heavy cover out of sight before hunting her way over to the bird. For the right mark, Mercy headed left and split the difference so needed to be handled to the bird. Dog 28 started with a no bird and had to go back and wait 3 dogs. It took 10-12 minutes per dog.
Sorry for the delay, technology doesn’t always cooperate.
The Purina tent has been a life saver for the judges this week. With a few holding blinds protecting them from the wind and the Purina tent sheltering them from the snow, the judges are happy campers.

Jim Nichols & Setup/By Dog Tundra

Gallery on the Hill - Too Cold

Callbacks: 10 dogs called back to the 9th series. Dogs 1, 3, 10, 11, 12, 26, 28, 32, 33, 42. Dogs not called back; 2, 21, 27. Test 9 will be a water blind.