Friday September 17, 2021

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Test 7 - Water Quad With 1 Retired Gun (Continued)

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Updated: 12:40 m
We have 12 dogs yet to run the 7th series, starting with dog 10. Its a gorgeous sunny morning with a comfortable temperature around 12C. There is a slight breeze 7 km NE but the water in the valley is like glass. Breakfast for the contestants and workers is again sponsored by Purina. Without sponsors, it would be next to impossible to put on these National events.

Today’s Female Test Dog is Davadar’s Mother of the Blues, owned by Dave and Darlene Broomhead and handled by Darlene. Rainy had no trouble with the go bird, the centre right mark or the centre left mark. However, when sent for the long left retired she broke down at the edge of the water and initiated a hunt on the near shore and had to be handled to the bird. Dog 10 was called to line at 7:55 am
Callbacks: 4,6,10,12,13,16,19,21,24,27,32,35,37,40,42,43,44,45,47,51,53
Dogs Not Called Back: 1,7,8,9,11,14,25,26,39,46,50

Test 8 - Water Blind

Updated: 7:12 pm
For the 8th series we have moved to a different pond on the same property at headquarters. The skies remain clear and the temperature has risen to 24C. Hot in the sun but luckily the gallery is back in the trees with lots of shade. Distance to the blind is 315 yards as the crow flies. For the dogs however, they have to negotiate down hill to the water, across the water and exit up another big hill. For sure they are covering far more distance to the blind. The line to the blind is through some cut off sumac right at the start, down hill to catch a corner of the pond, across a spit that divides the pond, then into big water with a cross wind from right to left, over a point on the far shore. Upon exiting, the dogs need to catch a corner of a large island of cover with with bushes and a steep uphill slope. Then into an uncut hay field with a mix of weeds about knee high or more.


Female Test Dog was first up. Putzi missed the sumac at the start which put her left of lin from the get go. She needed a number of whistles crossing the big water to keep her on line as she wanted to fade with the wind. Took a few casts to get her through the island of cover as she wanted to go right and then left. She was left of line going through the field and went deep before being whistled in to the bird. Male Test Dog was Grit, handled by Laura Danforth. Grit also wanted to fade with the wind and required a number of casts to keep him on line. Laura tried to get the island of cover but Grit managed to slip by on the right. She finished the blind without any more difficulty.
Handlers Strategizing

Callbacks: 4,6,10,12,13,16,19,21,24,27,32,35,37,40,42,43,44,47,51,53
Dogs Not Called Back: 45
20 dogs were called back to the 9th series which is planned to be a Land Quad. Dog 53 starts.