Friday September 15, 2017

Updated: 12:40 pm

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Test 8 - Water Blind

Updated: 12:40 pm
The test today has moved to Jim and Patricia Green’s property on the Tyendaiga Mohawk Territory about 40 minutes east of Headquarters. Breakfast is being sponsored by Baypoint Kennels, Dan and Gloria Devos. Thank you. We are waiting for the sun to burn off the fog. For now we are in a holding pattern.
Dog 34 has been added back into the running order, so there are 25 dogs back.
Finally got started at 9:45 with the first running dog #23 NAFTCH-FTCH Canadian Cutter, owned by Don Pollock and handled by Marg Murray. Test 8 is a water blind with a new twist. The line to the blind is over the 1st point on the right, past the 2nd point on the left, under a dock, exit over a dyke where the dogs go out of sight and then finish up with a keyhole between 2 large clumps of bushes. Distance to the blind is 257 yards. High marsh grass, mixed cover and cattails surround the pond. A few trees and clumps of bushes dot the landscape. Handlers have been instructed that they can move laterally as far as they want to keep their dog in sight, but not forward.



First up was female test dog Astrid with Peter Mottola handling. Astrid had a fair blind, Peter kept her under control, and got her under the dock on line. Only anxious moment was the length of time she was out of sight behind the dyke after exiting the pond. Peter re-established the line, and negotiated the keyhole at the end, to the bird. Next up was male test dog Pilkington's Last Pick owned and handled by Randy Buettner. To begin with, Pick wanted to run the dyke to the left of the pond and wouldn’t handle into the water. Randy called him in and resent for the blind. Pick carried his initial line almost to the dock, where he needed a few casts to get under. Upon exiting, Pick decided the bird had to be on the dyke and would not handle back to the blind, so Randy picked him up. He may not be the last pick-up on this blind. Tough test.
Ready for a Big Day

At 10:45 progress has been slow with dogs requiring LOTS of whistles.
Callbacks: 21 dogs called back to the 9th series Dogs called back; 1,4,8,10,12,13,15,16,17,19,20,24,26,28,31,34,38,39,41,42,47. Dogs not called back: 3,23,30,32. Test 9 is planned as a Water Triple.

Test 9 - Water Triple With 2 Retired Guns

Updated: 9:25 pm
Test 9 is a water triple with 2 retired guns. The gun station for long right hand go bird is very close the blind from Test 8. If the dog hunts to the right, it will be very easy to get into the old blind. The order of the guns, is short left, centre and then long right. The left and centre guns retire. The left hand bird is a drake thrown flat into the test from left to right across the water onto an island. The medium length centre retired mark is a hen mallard thrown flat out into a shallow bay of the pond. There is a windmill just to the left of the gun station and a large brush pile in the field beyond the gunners to the left. A splash can be seen by the handlers, not sure that the dog can see it. The right hand go bird is the longest mark. The bird is a hen mallard thrown right to left angled back across a large gap in the treeline. Distances to the marks are: 186 yards to the left island bird, 225 yards to the centre and 285 yards to the right hand go bird.


Aerial View With Test 8 Blind and Test 9 Marks

First up was female test dog Astrid. When Astrid ran, all 3 gun stations retired. She had trouble from the get go. Astrid hunted the back side of the dyke in the foot scent from the Test 8 Water Blind and had to be handled on the right hand go bird. Peter chose to take the left retired out second. Astrid ended up at a boat by a tree in the middle of no man’s land and was picked up. The judges had the gunners come out and help her to the left hand island bird. The gunners came out for the centre bird and Astrid finished up with a good line under the arc and then hooked over and picked up the bird. Next up was Randy Buettner with Pick. For Pick, the gunners at the long right hand go bird remained visible and that is what the judges decided to stay with. Pick had a good go bird, under the arc, hunted deep and then to the bird. For the left retired, Pick got in at the left corner of the pond and hugged the shore all the way out to the gun station, got up on shore, then hunted in and had to be handled. When he got back to the area, Randy let him hunt in the water between the gun station and the island and once again had to be handled to the island. For the centre mark, the gunners came out. Pick had a bit of a false start and was resent. He took a similar line as Astrid to the bird.
At just over half way there has been 3 pick-ups. The judges have lots in their books.
Callbacks: 10 dogs were called back to the 10th series. The finalists are: 1,4,10,16,17,24,34,39,42,47. Dogs not called back 8,12,13,15,19,20,26,28,31,38,41. Dog 47 starts the 10th which is planned to be a Water Quad.


Dog Name                                                                                     
Bob Wright
Lorne Langevin
FC-AFC-FTCH-AFTCH Pekisko's Ironman
John & Sharon Van Der Lee
Sharon Van Der Lee
FTCH A J Top Cruisin With The Pirate
Tom Sullivan
David Thompson
FTCH-AFTCH She:Kon Cranky Warrior
Jim Green
David Thompson
Pekisko's Black And Blue
John & Sharon Van Der Lee
John Van Der Lee
Luckydux Gave Her Momma Forty Quacks
Andrea Carlson
Andy Carlson
Renegade's Highlight Reel
Bill Kennedy
Bill Kennedy
FTCH-AFTCH Luckydux Drakehaven Hot Ticket
Andrea Carlson
Andy Carlson
Frr's Ray Of Sunshine
Dave Broomhead
David Broomhead
QFTR Wingbusters Alabama Slamma
Thomas & Margaret Murray
Marg Murray