Monday September 13, 2021

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Hosted by the National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin


Tests 1 & 2 - Land Double With a Retired Gun and a Blind

Updated: 2:20 pm
The 2021 Canadian National would like to thank our sponsors, Nestle-Purina Official Sponsor of the Canadian National Retriever Championship, Official Dog Food Sponsor and the Official Dog Food Supplier to the National Retriever Club of Canada, Garmin Tri-Tronics official e-collar supplier. Thank you as well to Kent Cartridge official ammunition supplier , Dakota Creek Retrievers and Canine Field Co.

Welcome to the first day of the 2021 Canadian National Retriever Championship. Skies are clear, with a slight breeze 9-13 km NW. The wind is at the handlers’ back when on line. With the early dogs the glare of the sun makes it difficult to see the gunners on the go bird. The starting temperature is 13C. The field is heavy cover with a treed fence line behind the blind and slopes downhill from right to left.
Judges from left to right; Gerry Burmaster, Dave Wardle and Medie Robinson.

The land double has the left hand long memory bird at 167 yards and the right hand go bird at 71 yards. Both marks are thrown right to left. There are 2 prominent power poles flanking the holding blind for the retired gunners on the long memory bird. The go bird is thrown downhill into a flock of goose sillouette decoys. A hen pheasant is used on the go bird and a hen mallard on the land blind. A drake mallard is thrown for the left retired. The blind is located between the marks and is run from a separate mat about 5 paces to the of the mat used for the marks. When the dog completes the last mark, the handler moves and receives the bird on the mat used for the blind. The blind is about 260 yards long and crosses the line to the left retired gun.


Honorary Test Dog

Honorary Test Dog, FTCH AFTCH Kapriver Ramblinrozy, owned by Mark and Sirkka Laberge and handled by Mark, was more interested in the real test out in the field and considered her mark too short to be the real thing. After some convincing, Rozy settled in for her mark. Even at 12 years old, she broke and really enjoyed getting to go one more time to line and retriever a bird.
As is tradition at our Nationals, a judge from the previous National passes the signalling paddle to a judge for thee current National. In this case, the judge from the 2019 National, Sharon Van Der Lee passes the paddle to Western Zone Judge Medie Robinson.

First up was Male Test Dog Gahonks Loyal Patriot, owned and handled by Mitch Bertram. Brady went under the arc and hunted behind the goose decoys before coming into retrieve the bird from among the decoys. He had an excellent mark on the left retired gun and lined the blind. Great job. Next Female Test Dog, I’ve Seen The Light, Mom of Kaotic, owned and handled by Ann Steer. Putzi had similar work on the go bird, going under the arc and hunting behind the decoys before coming in to retrieve the bird. She too had a good memory bird but ran into some difficulty on the blind. She started out left of line then overcast to the right and went out of sight behind some heavy cover. When she came back into sight, Ann regained control and handled to the blind.
First dog #31 Sirmak Pippi Pitksukka was called to line at 8:25 am. Good luck to all. Test dogs made the left retired mark look easy. Later amy dogs went right of the gun station hunted deep and winded the area of the blind and had to be handled or picked up.
Workers in Green

Changing of the Guard

Rogue Gallery

43 dogs were called back to the 3rd Test which is scheduled to be a water blind. The judges are hoping to get in Test 3 today.
Callbacks: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,18,18,21,24,25,26,27,28,29,31,32,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,50,51,52,53
Dogs not Called back: 5,15,17,22,23,30,33,48,49

Test 3 - Water Blind

Updated: 7:00 pm
Chief Marshal Dennis Harwood and the Judges Waiting for the 1st dog to come to line


For the water blind it is sunny with a few clouds and the temperature has risen to a comfortable 21C. The blind is being run due East and the wind is 18 km SW gusting to 27 km. The line to the blind is downhill, across a dirt road, over a point on the near shore, over and island in the middle of the pond. There is heavy coverr surrounding the shore. When the dog exits the water it must drive uphill to the blind which is located about half way to the treeline in the back.The blind is 185 yards and is planted about 6 ft from the marker.


First up is Male Test Dog. Brady lined over the first point, brushed the right side of the island and broke down in the heavy cover on the far side of the pond. He disappeared behind the tree on the left side of the line and was deep when he came back into sight and had to be handled into the blind. Female Test dog was up next. Putzi started out left of the line to the blind and had a few whistles before the water to get back on line. She finished nicely. Dog 41 was the first dog called to line at 3:15 pm. Most of the dogs did very well on the water blind and the judges were able to get everyone run.
Callbacks: All dogs were called back. Dog 52 will start the 4th series, which is scheduled to be water marks.