Monday September 11, 2017

Updated: 4:05 pm
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Test 1 - Land Triple With 2 Retired Guns

Updated: 2:05 pm
Welcome to the running of the 2017 Canadian National Retriever Championship, being held this year in Brighton Ontario. The Host Club, the Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario, has been hard at work preparing for the event for the past year and the workers were up at the crack of dawn setting up. We had a bright sunny morning to greet us with temperatures around 10C. Slight breeze from the West. The forecast high for today is 21C, perfect weather for running dogs or just sitting watching these wonderful retrievers do what they love to do. The test is being run NW to NE.
Judges: Mickey Rawlins, Roy Morejon and Ron Bischke

As is tradition at our Canadian Nationals, one of the judges from the previous National passes the paddle to their successors. In this case one of the Judges form the Mission, BC National Amateur, Connie Swanson was on hand to pass the paddle to Judge Ron Bischke.

Test 1 is a land triple with 2 retired guns being run up and along the side hill of a large clover field on Dave and Jane Thompson’s property at Headquarters. The order of the guns is centre retired, then left retired and then the right hand go bird. Distances to the marks are; 152 yards to the left retired, 246 yards to the centre retired and 140 yards to the right hand go bird. The right hand bird is a hen mallard which is being thrown angled back into the test from right to left. The centre bird is a rooster pheasant being thrown down hill from left to right and lastly, the left had retired bird is a drake mallard being thrown out of the test from right to left.


Lorraine and Teezer

Honorary test dog was NFTCH FTCH AFTCH Oakridgertvr Going All The Way, owned and handled by Lorraine Hare. Teezer is now retired after winning the 2009 National in Brighton at the age of three and having a successful career finishing 6 Nationals and achieving 105 All-Age points. Like the excellent marker she has been all of her life, Teezer went out and front footed her mark.
Female test dog, Mjolnir’s Astrid of Davadar, owned and handled by Peter Mottola was first up. Astrid did a good job on the right hand go bird. She took a line wide to the left of the left hand retired bird, went over the brow of the hill, and showed up at the gun station before hunting her way over to the bird. For the centre retired, Astrid took a line to the right of the bird along the base of the hill and went quite a distance deep before hunting in and up the hill. There is a natural slot between 2 flocks of goose decoys in front of the line that influences the dogs to stay low and not drive up the hill to the mark. Male test dog was H Goldrockettes Teddy, owned and handled by Connie Dresser. Teddy went directly to the go bird, For the left retired, Teddy took a line to the gun station, looped around the backside, and then came across behind the bird wide left and then to the bird. For the centre retired, Teddy took the same line as Astrid staying low and to the right of the bird, going deep to the treeline before hunting his was back to the holding blind and then to the bird. It appears that the centre retired gun will to be the money bird if the test dogs are any indication of the work to follow. Guns went off at 821 am for the first running dog #13 Pilkingtons Ruby Blues Day.
Connie and Teddy

Peter and Astrid

Announcer - Barb Hawley

Great news this morning from the West. The Red Deer Retriever Club has agreed to host the 2018 National in Red Deer Alberta. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the 2018 National up until now, no judges were selected so the NRCC will reach out once again to all of the member clubs to nominated judges for the National. We will be able to confirm the judges for the 2018 National Amateur, shortly.
As predicted, lots of dogs are having difficulty coming up with the centre retired bird. The clover is high enough that the dogs must mark the bird and be practically on top of it to find it. The wind has died down and is not giving away any of the birds.
Lining up for Lunch

Good Job - Sunny and Dave

Rogue Gallery

Callbacks: 46 dogs were called back to the 2nd series which will be a land blind. Dog 46 was not called back. Dog 24 will start.

Test 2 - Land Blind

Updated: 4:05 pm
Test 2 is a side hill land blind through the marks from Test 1. The bird is planted between the centre and right hand marks but deep at approximately 350 yds. Many dogs have already been to the area when hunting the centre retired mark from Test 1. To give a perspective of where the blind is relative to the marks, the line to the blind has been added with the gunners from Test 1 still in the field. There are no gunners in the field when the blind is run.


Workers and Contestants Viewing The Land Blind From Line

In the foreground with the blue T-shirt is Karen Carson, a new addition to the reporting team. For those of you who follow Facebook, Karen is doing a tremendous job posting photos, videos and commentary to the National Retriever Club of Canada and the LRCCO Facebook pages. Follow us on Facebook to receive the latest and greatest updates.
As the test progresses, the majority of dogs have done credible work. Paths have developed so if you get on the right path at the beginning, it will take you all the way to the blind. Initial line is everything. Dogs that miss the good path tend to go right and require a number of casts to get on line.
Callbacks: 45 dogs were called back to the 3rd series. dog 43 was not called back. Test 3 is scheduled to be a water blind and dog 33 starts.