Saturday September 9, 2017

Updated: Sunday September 10
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Opening Banquet

Celebrations for the 2017 Canadian National Retriever Club kicked off with the Opening Banquet held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Brighton Ontario. This year’s event is being host by the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada. this is the 5th time that a National has been hosted on these grounds with many of the same workers. Dave and Jane Thompson and all of people working behind the scenes are to be commended for undertaking an event of this magnitude yet again.
Master of Ceremonies - Jim Ling

The Opening Banquet is always a great time to catch up on what has been happening over the year with old friends from across Canada and the US. Some competitors made the long trek from Alberta to Ontario, and workers came from as far away as New Brunswick and Georgia. Makes you realize how expansive Canada is when the distance to travel from the Southern US is shorter than from Alberta.
After the head table took their places, master of ceremonies, Jim Ling introduced local singer James Regan who led everyone in the singing of the American and Canadian national anthems. Followed by a toast to the Office of the President made by one of our American friends, Randy Buettner, and a toast to the Queen, made by fellow Canadian contestant Gar Clark.
Toast to the Office of the President - Randy Buettner

Grace- Jane Thompson

Head Table

Head Table from left to right: Master of Ceremonies and NRCC President Jim Ling, Diane Ling, Cathy MacInnis and Chief Marshal Greg MacInnis, Judges, Roy Morejon, Ron Bischke, Mickey Rawlins, Jane and Dave Thompson, FT Chair, Jacqueline and Bill Kennedy, Purina Rep.
Following dinner, the National Retriever Club of Canada, President, Jim Ling provided a synopsis of discussions that took place at the Annual General Meeting and shared the fact that for 2018, North Bay has stepped up to host the National Amateur but no club has come forward to host the 2018 National at this time. Clubs across Canada are being given 2 weeks to come up with a host club for the National. Such a slippery slope we are on.
Jim went on to thank ours sponsors, Nestle-Purina Official Sponsor of the Canadian National Open and Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championships, Official Dog Food Sponsor and the Official Dog Food Supplier to the National Retriever Club of Canada, Avery Sporting Dog, Garmin Tri-Tronics official e-collar supplier. Thank you as well to Ducks Unlimited Canada supplier of the finalist gifts, Zinger Winger official remote launcher supplier, and Animal Portraits by Connie Swanson for supplying portrait to the winner. Without these sponsors and donations from businesses catering to the needs of field trialers and local contributors, National events like these would not be possible. Thank you. Purina rep, Bill Kennedy was presented a NRCC pin in appreciation of the sponsorship Purina provides to our Nationals.
Jim then presented the judges Roy Morejon, Ron Bischke and Mickey Rawlins with NRRC pins. Followed by NRCC pins presented to Field Trial Chair Dave Thompson, Field Trial Marshal Greg MacInnis, and Field Trial Secretary Shirley Greener in recognition of their hard work in hosting this National.

Judge Ron Bischke spoke on behalf of the judges. He wished all the contestants good luck and asked that when the going gets rough, let the judges judge the dog work rather than have handlers pick up their dogs.
Chief Marshal, Greg MacInnis followed with his thanks to Dave and Jane Thompson, the landowners, the army of workers behind the scenes, and the setup crew for their generosity and contribution in making this a successful National. Greg then went on to detail the judges instructions. Additional instructions regarding the safety of all dogs, include that any dogs that are staked out must be supervised at all times.
Judge - Ron Bischke

Chief Marshal - Greg MacInnis

Before exiting for the evening, the judges were presented gifts by Darlene Broomhead, President of the Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario, and Bill Kennedy, our Purina Representative.


When a National is held in Ontario, the Charlie Howard Memorial award is presented to an Ontario field trialer who has made a significant contribution to the game locally, provincially and nationally, over many years. This year, Di Howard and Dennis Voigt were in attendance to present the well deserved award to Jim Ling. Jim has judged locally and nationally, chaired and marshalled weekend field trials, been a NRCC Director and President, on top of running competitive dogs across Canada on weekends and in Nationals. It is good to see someone who works as hard as Jim does for our game get the recognition that he deserves.

Dave and Bill

Once the judges left for the evening the serious business of bidding on dogs at the Calcutta got underway. Bill Kennedy provided a running commentary on the achievements of each dog while Dave Thompson did the auctioning off. Favorites were bid up and went for high prices, and it appeared that the Calcutta was a successful fund raiser for the club. At the end of the night the starting number was drawn, #13 FTCH AFTCH Pilkingtons Ruby Blues Day, owned and handled by Ken Crosby.