Tuesday September 14, 2021


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Test 4 - Water Triple With Honor

Updated: 5:30 pm

Brought to you by Canine Field Co. sponsor of the National Retriever Championship

For Test 4 we are back in the same pond as the water blind. In fact the line taken to the left mark is over the point from the water blind. The test is being run from the opposite end of the pond. To start the day, the skies are overcast with the threat of rain. Temperature is 13C with the wind 11 km NE.Ducks are thrown for all the marks. The order of the guns is, centre, left, right. Both the centre and left guns retire and only the go bird gunners remain visible. All birds are thrown into the test. The long retired centre bird is thrown uphill into cover along the treeline. The left retired is thrown on land along the shoreline into cover, and the last right hand go bird is thrown along the shore but landing in water. Distances to the birds are; left 117 yards, right 167 yards and long centre bird is 252 yards.


First up was Female Test Dog. For the go bird, Putzi went under the arc, up onto the dike and then back down into the water for her bird. On her way to the go bird Putzi stumbled in some high weeds along the road, so for safety reasons, the weeds were cut after the test dogs ran. She stepped on the left retired and had an excellent long centre retired. Male Test Dog was up next. Brady went to the gunners on the go bird and hunted the dike before coming down into the water to pick up the bird. He decided the fastest way back was on land. For the left retired, Brady went wide right and had a bit of a hunt in the area. His centre retired was very good as well. After the test dogs ran, the go bird was thrown along the dike on land and the long centre throw was changed from landing out in the field to landing in cover along the treeline.


The test dogs made it look easy but the running dogs are having more difficulty. There has been a pickup and a couple of handles. The handles are on the long centre retired. Some dogs are having trouble coming up with the left retired mark because they must dig it out of heavy cover.
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