Wednesday September 13, 2017

Updated: 8:00 pm
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Test 5 - Land Quad With 3 Retired Guns and an Honour

Updated: 8:00 pm
Welcome to Day 3 of the Canadian National Retriever Championship. Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Sunny clear and a high of 22C. Perfect weather to be outdoors running dogs. To start there is a barely perceptible breeze at 4km/h N Later in the morning it is supposed to switch to 8 km/h SE and stay that way for the rest of the day. As an added bonus. breakfast today is sponsored by Al & Lou Moroz and English Line Veterinary Services. Al was also our vet that performed the bitch check on Sunday. Thank you Al & Lou.
The judges have set up a big test today. No more mister nice guy. Test 5 is being run through the corner of 2 ponds and through heavy cover that surrounds the ponds. There are cattails and shrubs mixed with high grass in the low areas. The ponds are located in a valley with hills and deciduous forest around. A road separates the line from a large corn field to the right. The ponds and heavy cover are significant factors on the left, centre left and centre right retired guns.
The order of the guns is centre right retired, centre left retired, left retired and then swing across to the right hand go bird. Distances to the marks are; 202 yards to the left mark, 262 to the centre left, 264 to the centre right and 218 yards to the right hand mark. The 2 right hand birds are thrown into the test from right to left and the 2 left hand birds are thrown into the test from left to right. For the left hand mark, a hen mallard is thrown right along the treeline into cover on the edge. A drake mallard is thrown from the treeline up hill out into the field for the centre left mark. For the right centre mark, a hen mallard is thrown angled back to the left and the last few feet of the fall disappearing behind the branches of a large tree in the foreground. The last bird down is a hen pheasant that is thrown along the treeline into heavier cover on the edge. There is a road, just off the line to the mark, that the dogs can run along part way before breaking off into higher grass in the field.


Sean & Raider

Male test dog Raider, with owner Sean Colville was first up. Raider had a good go bird. When sent for his second bird he appeared to be heading for the centre left mark. Upon exiting the 2nd pond he got lost and was hunting the heavy cover just deep of the second pond. He couldn’t recover and ended up being handled to the left hand bird. Once there is a lot of drag back scent and foot traffic this heavy cover could be a significant factor in the test. Next, Sean chose to send Raider for the right centre mark. he started out left of the line to the bird and then broke right, initiating his hunt half way to the bird and had to be handled. For the last, centre left mark, Raider took the same line as he did when he picked up the left mark. He again broke down in the heavy cover on the far side of the 2nd pond and had to be handled to the bird. Next up was Astrid with Peter Mottola handling. On her first attempt, Astrid took a bad tumble on her way to the go bird and became disoriented and confused. Peter called her in. On her rerun, Astrid had a small hunt on the go bird, and took the same line as Raider took for her 2nd bird. She also hunted the heavy cover on the far side of the 2nd pond and was handled to the left hand mark. The gunners from the centre left and centre right marks were un-retired and Astrid did very well on both birds.
Handlers Reviewing How They Plan to Run the Test

The last dog to run today was dog 44. There are 7 more dogs to run in the morning. As predicted this was a tough test with lots of answers. There were a number of pick-ups and double handles. A majority of the dogs handled or had a big hunt on at least one bird. And of course there were a few good jobs. Nobody front footed all 4 birds.
Callbacks will be given after all the dogs have run tomorrow. 

Workers’ Party

After a long day it was great to sit back and enjoy a BBQ chicken dinner and show our appreciation to all of the workers for their efforts to ensure the success of this National. To begin, NRCC President Jim Ling and Purina Rep Bill Kennedy presented all of the workers with NRCC pins to thank them for their hard work. Afterwards Chief Marshal Greg MacInnis also offered his thanks to the teams and individuals that have pitched in and have worked so hard for the year leading up to the event, and the weeks during. Thank you to Dave and Jane Thompson for their hard work all year and for taking on this huge endeavour once again. Thank you as well to the Judges for offering their time and expertise, Roy Morejon, Ron Bischke and Mickey Rawlins. Thank you to the Assistant Marshals Richard Dresser, Randy Buettner and Don Munro, Gun Captain Darlene Broomhead, Equipment Tom Hawley and Dave Broomhead, our Purina Rep Bill Kennedy, Traffic Dave and Donna Wardle, Birds Jim Green, Hospitality Shirley Greener, Karen Carson, Diane Carson, Patricia Green, Cheryl Ritchie, Judy Mottola, Amy Elyse, Lou Moroz. Bruce Macdonald for going above and beyond to get our sponsor donations for the Silent Auction across the border; Avery Sporting Dog, Garmin Tri-Tronics, Ramps Up, Golden Lake Garment.
And to everyone who has pitched in whenever needed and gunners and throwers Chris Mason, Howard Simson, Mark and Sirkka Laberge, Ken Crosby, Connie Swanson, Peter Mottola, Al Moroz, and Gar Clark. Thank you.
Al Moroz and Randy Buettner

Jim Ling and Bill Kennedy

More Workers


This year we witnessed the return of “Rachel” AKA Richard Dresser.