Wednesday September 11, 2019

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Test 5 - Land Quad With 3 Retired Guns

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Breakfast for the contestants and workers is sponsored this morning by Westwind Retrievers - Carl & Susan Clarke. Thank you for your gererosity. Just remember you can look us up on Facebook ( to get up-to-date coverage behind the scenes and interview videos.
After a change in test location and then a delay waiting for the glare from the sun to dissapate, we finally got under way at 9:55 am. The test is being run from the top of a steep hill down into a flat field with thigh high mixed cover of golden rod, milkweed, interspersed with small trees, spruce pine and ash. The filed has been bush hogged every which way. Looks like the guy on the tractor had a few too many before he bush hogged. There are lots of trails leading to no man’s land. Once the dog comes off the hill, they will need to negotiate the heavy cover and not take the easy way - the wrong way. The temperature is already 23C to start. The dogs are going to be hot coming off line, so a pool of ice water is already for them to use to cool off. It’s a breezy wind out of the west 13-20 km/h scheduled to increase to W 20-30 km/h. Not sure how much wind is down at the bottom of the hill.
Distances to the marks are measured from the top of the hill, across, and do not take into account the angle down hill and across the field that the dogs run. Distances are; right retired 175 yards, middle right retired 211 yards, middle left retired 124 yards, and the left hand go bird 112 yards. The right hand gunners are throwing a rooster pheasant. All others are hen mallards. All birds are landing in clumps of high cover. The right hand bird is thrown angled back into heavy cover, right to left into the test along the treeline. The middle right is also throw right to left out into the adjacent field into high cover. Bothe the left and middle left marks are thrown angled back into clumps of golden rod from left to right.


First up was male test dog Crank, with Jim at the helm. Crank came to line at 9:05. When the test dogs ran, the order was middle right, then right, middle left and then the left hand go bird. The judges changed the order after the test dogs. Crank picked up the left hand go bird first. He went under the arc and hunted a bit deep before coming in on the bird. Next Jim sent Crank for the middle left retired and he went right to the mark. For his 3rd bird, Crank took a great line right to the bird and for the middle right retired, Crank took all of the cover to the gun station and then hunted out into the field a bit deep and then
bird for a very good test. Next, Meg and Jill ran. Meg was slightly up wind and to the right of the go bird, but she hunted back to towards the gunners and came up with her bird. Jill chose to send Meg for the middle left mark 2nd. Meg to a line to the left of the holding blind and then hooked over to the bird. She had a good right retired bird. For the middle right mark, Meg took a line almost through the middle left area of fall and then bounced along the cover to the holding blind and out into the field to her bird.
So in the end the judges moved the right hand gun station over to where they were throwing the bird and changed the throw. Instead of the bird being thrown left to right, it is now throw right to left into the test.
At 11:55 we are having our first bird change. No handles so far. In the end there were a number of handles and 1 pickup. Test 5 was finished at 3:30 which allows time for the workers to clean up and relax before the Workers’ Party. Callbacks will be back at Headquarters.
Callbacks: 29 dogs were called back to the 6th series. Dogs called back; 2,4,5,6,8,10,11,13,15,18,23,25,26,29,30,31,35,36,37,41,42,43,46,47,51,52,53,54,55. Dogs not called back; 3,7,19,27,33,39,44,45,55. Dog 56 will start the the water marks at the National pond at Headquarters.

Workers’ Party

The Workers’ Party was a blast. As always home cooked meals are worth waiting for. Chicken Alfredo, shepherds pie, cabbage rolls and meatballs, and don’t forget the pies. Lots of food and fun.

Dinner was sponsored by Canine Field Co, owned by Kevin Riddell and beer was donated by New Ontario Brewing Company. Thank you for your generosity. Each evening after the tests are done, items donated by Purina are drawn for the pool of gunners and throwers for that day in appreciation for their work.

After dinner, NRCC Vice President, Dan Danforth and Past President, Jim Ling presented NRCC workers pins to acknowledge the contribution made by the Host Club Committees. A big thank you to David Thompson, Field Trial Chair, Greg MacInnis, Field Trial Marshal and his assistants, Randy Beuttner, Dan Yeomans, Richard Dresser, Tom Sullivan, Carl Clarke, Kevin Riddell, Dave Broomhead and Bill Kennedy. Thank you to Field Trial Secretary Cheryl Ritchie, Gun Captain Darlene Broomhead, Traffic Control Dave & Donna Wardle, Treasurer Lou Moroz, Silent Auction and Hospitality Debbie Yeomans, Diane Carson, Jane Thompson, Cheryl Ritchie, Shirley Greener, and Lou Moroz. Many of the workers are wearing 2 or more hats. Dave Thompson and Joe Bannon worked on grounds, our on site vet was Al Moroz, Facebook reporter Karen Carson, NRCC Secretary and Communications Officer Dona Martin, and the setup team of Ann Steer, Don Munroe, Caren Carson, Shirley Greener, Dan Yeomans. Test dogs were run by Jim Green and Jill Chalmers. It takes a village. Thank you all.

For the entertainment we had The Dreamers, Al Moroz, Richard Dresser, and Dave Broomhead, perform. As someone commented fuel for a night mare. After a costume change the Dreamers came out for an encore performance.
Encore set

The Dreamers