Wednesday September 15, 2021

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Test 5 - Land Triple With 2 Retired Guns

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Updated: 11:00 am
After a heavy rain overnight, the contestants woke up to overcast skies and a cool temperature of 16C. Breakfast today is sponsored by Gloria and Dan Devos, Baypoint Kennels. Thank you Gloria and Dan. The test faces South West and the barely perceptable breeze is 5 km W. For the 5th series we have moved to an uncut clover field surrounded by deciduous tress and brush and an ucut crop behind the right hand gunstation. Hen mallards are throw for all marks. The left go bird and centre retired are both throw left to right and the right hand retired is thrown into the test from right to left. All birds are thrown into relatively high cover. Right from the start it appears that the field will track up significantly and drag back may cove into play for the later dogs. For the starting dogs, lack of wind is an issue.Distances to the birds are right retired 265 yards, centre retired 285 and left go bird, 138 yards. The order of the birds thrown is centre, right, left. The retired guns are instructed to retire immediately after they throw. The centre retried is thrown into the edge of brus along the treelind from left to right. Next, the right hand retired mark is thrown left into the edge of an uncut crop, Finally the go bird is thrown flat across some ATV tracks into knee high cover. The field slopes downhill to the go bird with a side hill angle approach to the right hand marks.


First up, male test dog, Brady had a good go bird. He was sent for the centre retired 2nd and ran to the gun station before breaking left and hunting the brush and treeline on the wrong side of where the gunners stood. There is a large clump of cover about 90% of the way out that seems to push the dogs onto a path that takes them left. Brady was sent to the right hand mark last. He apperaed to fall off the hill and ended up wide left of the bird where he initiated his hunt. He worked his way across to the holing blind but statyed in front of the cover and it took a while to work back into the cover. Next, Putzi went right to the go bird for an excellent mark. For the centre retired she too broke left and hunted in front of the brush along the treeline to the left before working her way over to the bird. For the right retired, Putzi had a good line right to the bird.
Handlers Scoping Out the Test

As predicted, paths developed, the wind came up, and work improved.
Rogues Gallery

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Dogs Not Called Back: 29,31,34

Test 6 - Land Blind

Updated: 6:40 pm
The Land blind is in the same field as the 5th series land marks. The running line has been moved 60 yards to the left of the running line for test 5 and line to the blind crosses the lines to the left and centre marks. There are 2 gunners sitting at the gun station for the centre The distance to the blind is 339 yards. The field slopes right to left towards the gun station and there is a cross wind from right to left, although it changes constantly.


First up was male test dog, Brady. The suction to the left and all of the factors pushing to the left proved too much for Brady and he had to be helped to the bird. Next, female test dog Putzi started right of the line and had to be ahndled left which she took and fell off the hill towards the white coats. Then she got on line and carried that a long way and then broke left again and had a right hand cast to the bird. The judges asked for another male test dog, so Laura Danforth ran Bowrivers Trail Blazer. This dog did not run the marks. He started out on a good initial line and then fell off the hill, left. Laura cast right, which he carried for a way before being sucked left to the trees. One more cast put him on the bird.
32 dogs were called back to the 7th series and dog 32 will start the water marks at headquarters.
Callbacks: 1,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,19,21,24,25,26,27,32,35,37,39,40,42,43,44,45,46,47,50,51,53
Dogs Not Called Back: 2,18,38