Task Force Report

At a Board meeting in November 2013 a motion was passed “That the NRCC executive assemble a NRCC Task Force to develop and implement a marketing plan to:

  • Increase participation in field trials and Nationals, and,
  • Attract and maintain major Sponsors for the NRCC and Host clubs.”

Subsequently, in December 2013, a Task Force was developed. That group had regular conference calls, conducted a country-wide survey and consulted with many interested individuals during 2014. Data on field trial entries across Canada were also collected and analyzed.

Task Force Members

  • Dennis Voigt (ON-Chair)
  • Derek Dunn (NB)
  • Kevin Cheff (ON)
  • Tom Dalton (ON)
  • Jim Couch (SK)
  • Bruce Macdonald (AB)
  • Daniel Shnitka (BC)

The Report

The Task Force Report (PDF) provides a summary of Task Force findings as well as recommendations to the NRCC for implementation. Findings are based on results of a Survey, plus feedback from many discussions amongst the Task Force members and individuals through-out Canada and the USA. Data was analyzed from cross-Canada licensed “weekend” trial entries as well as National entries, primarily from the NRCC archives.